• It is a pleasure for us to present our new corporate website to you. It has been designed with the aim of making communications and information more user friendly and easier for the community with regard to the services we manage as a public company of the Barcelona City Council. The information we are providing you is complemented by the websites of the different facilities and services that are part of our business portfolio, which can be accessed from the specific section Activities.

    Since the creation of BSM.SA, all of us on the team have worked with the objective of contributing to Barcelona’s development and its citizens’ quality of life, managing services entrusted to us by the city council efficiently, flexibly and proactively, providing value for social and economic sustainability. Obtaining this objective is based on three broad core areas: our commitment to citizens and public service, an ethical culture established and based on the principles and values taken on by the entire organisation, and an organisational culture aligned with transparency, good governance and accountability. 

    Within this framework, users’ perception and satisfaction with our work is of utmost importance to us, which is why we make a great effort to innovate and improve the service and care procedures and mechanisms with citizens.

    We would like to invite you to get to know us better via the web sections that we make available to you, and to send us any comments, suggestions or ideas you may have via the different channels and functions we have enabled, so that you will help us to keep moving forward in creating public value. 

    Marta Labata Salvador
    Managing Director B:SM, S.A.



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