By an improvement of the coexistence: civic officers

Since April 2015, BSM has been commissioned by the City Council to establish and manage a stable unit of civic officers in the framework of a programme aimed at maintaining the civic use of public spaces and ensuring that standards of positive community interactions are upheld. The purpose is to make Barcelona a more pleasant city with a greater feeling of safety and involvement both by citizens and those visiting the city.

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The city's history

CB runs Barcelona's cemeteries and its two cremation centres. We are committed to promoting our cultural heritage by opening up the cemeteries to the city and holding free concerts, plays, poetry readings, daytime and night-time guided tours and other cultural activities involving large-scale public participation.

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Registration of personal mobility vehicles (PMV) and bicycles and scooters with more than 2 wheels

Barcelona de Serveis Municipals SA has been hired by the Barcelona City Council to conduct the registration of personal mobility vehicles (PMV) and bicycles or scooters with more than two wheels, as set out in the new regulation of driving ordinances, with the function of creating, managing and supervising registration.

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By an improvement of the civism and neighborhood coexistence

On May 2017, the Barcelona City Council ordered BSM to set up and manage a team of Visualizing Agents.
The mission of this body is the active search for illegal tourist activity, as well as other elements of visualization of public space to ensure the improvement of coexistence with the regularization of those activities linked to tourist accommodation.

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Parc de Montjuïc

With 450 hectares of extension, it forms one of the most characteristic hills of the city of Barcelona. The space combines aspects as diverse as leisure, business, culture, sports or nature. It is worth noting its value as a natural space, since it constitutes the main urban park of the city, after Collserola.
In addition, two information points are managed, where the visitor is offered specific information about the Montjuïc Park and merchandising.

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