Parc Montjuïc

The Montjuïc Park, with 450 hectares, forms one of the most characteristic hills of the city of Barcelona. It is a privileged space that combines, as no other in Barcelona, aspects as diverse as leisure, business, culture, sports or nature. It is worth noting its value as a natural space, since it constitutes the main urban park of the city, after Collserola.

Within the field of mobility, the Montjuïc Park Unit manages the Park's escalators, which are made up of 22 sections that connect the Ma Cristina Avenue with the stadium straight, and are used by thousands of people, since they allow to save a height of 52 meters.

The usual operating hours of the stairs are from 7:00 am to 12:00 am, except on days of celebration of events in the Park.

Likewise, the Unit is in charge of the coordination of events to minimize the impact on the daily life of the Park, as well as to avoid possible problems of accessibility and mobility, notifying the incidents that may be caused to the operators

From the Park Unit, daily inspections are carried out in the Montjuïc Park to detect any type of incident, either from the operators themselves or in the maintenance: broken streetlights, light bulbs, raised paving stones, fallen pilings, bad pavement, etc.

The inspection team consists of 6 Civic Agents, who collect the incidents with photographs and locate them on a location map. This information generates a file that is transferred to the competent municipal operator for resolution.

They also carry out work monitoring tasks, actions with the Urban Police in relation to abandoned vehicles and monitoring of homeless people together with Social Services and the District of Sants-Montjuïc.

In addition, two information points are managed, where the visitor is offered specific information about the Montjuïc Park and merchandising.

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