Aware of the importance of valuing the environment, we feel responsible for the environmental impact our activities have and try to maintain an overall ecological balance, with the aim of doing more than just fulfilling our legal obligations. As a responsible and committed company, we are working to adopt the best management practices and make good use of the resources available. Every activity is covered under the B:SM Environmental Policy, which integrates strategic tools, values and commitments.

  • Certifications

    The Olympic Ring Division and Fòrum Division have ISO 14001-certified environmental management systems.
    These systems enable the delicate balance between sustaining profitability and reducing environmental impact to be maintained.
    The basic commitments established by ISO 14001 are continuous improvement in environmental behaviour, the principle of preventing pollution and a commitment to complying with the law.

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  • Barcelona + Sustainable

    B:SM's commitment to the environment is linked to the Barcelona + Sustainable Organisations and Businesses programme. It goes back to the signing of the first Citizen Commitment to Sustainability (2002-12), which was renewed in December 2012 with the signing of Commitment 22 the new 2012-22 Commitment for a fairer, more prosperous and self-sufficient Barcelona that remains true to the spirit of the Agenda 21.

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