Participation, equality and welfare

System for Participating in Improvements

The individual and professional quality of everyone working at B:SM makes it possible to manage the various activities and services for building a quality, modern, cutting-edge Barcelona. Staff initiative has a place in the System for Participating in Improvements. This is a simple, joint project for gathering ideas to improve the company and reward those that stand out for their satisfactory results. It enables anyone in the company to put forward all kinds of suggestions and see how they develop.

Equality Plan 

The principle of equal opportunities is enshrined in our company's policies, to prevent any discrimination for reasons of birth, race, sex, religion, opinion or any other personal or social condition or circumstance. It applies to every area in the company and especially to staff training, the selection of candidates, equal pay for staff tied to a collective agreement, the use of non-sexist language, zero tolerance of harassment and so on.



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