2.3 million visitors at the Park Güell the first year of regulation of the Monumental Zone

The ordinance has reduced the number of 9 million tourists from 2013, and has allowed to progress in order to solve the challenges of sustainability and overcrowded space and has improved the experience of visitors and residents

123.760 residents have entered into the Monumental Zona, 5.6% of daily entrances

Latin Americans and Europeans are the main visitors to the Park, which has a rate of occupation of the 68.33% of its capacity 

In the first anniversary of regulation of the Monumental Zone, the Park Güell presents a positive evaluation on achieving the goals set at the beginning of the new organization, on the 25th of October of 2013. It has streamlined the flow public and has reduced overcrowding, receiving just over two million visitors during the first year of regulation; a considerable reduction of the 9 million received previous to the regulation, when tha Park reached a maximum of 1,200 people simultaneous entering in just 15 minutes, which was unattainable.

The regulation affects only the 7.9% of the total area of the Park and has allowed to progress in order to solve the challenges of sustainability and overcrowded space and has improved the experience of visitors and residents, taking into account different sensitivities, the many uses of the Park and its uniqueness. In this sense there has been set a plan of action to improve the conservation of the Park Guell as a whole and considering the environment.

Visitor profile

Since the beginning of the regulation until the past 30th of September, the Monumental Zone of the Park Güell received 2,377,920 visitors, which is balanced and rationalized the number of people compared to the 9 million visitors that came to the Park Güell assumed in 2012. the total number of visitors is an occupation of 68.33 on the total capacity of the Park. The 20.42% of those who visit the Park Güell make it through group visits, and visitors are free 4.85% (pink card holders, schools and Gaudir + BCN and children from 0 to 6 years old).

The 42.56% of the visitors indicate prior knowledge of the existence of a system of regulation and, in addition, 20.4% of visitors said they had visited the Park before and repeated once the new management is set, indicating that they have enjoyed a positive experience at the Park. Regarding the arrival to the Park, metro become the preferred transport used by visitors with a 49.9% of usage, followed by the bus line with a 25.8%.

Park Guell’s app has become the fifth most popular municipal with 47,726 downloads. The application, which suggests a tour, is available in seven languages. The English version is the most downloaded one, and the mostly used operating system is iOS.

Additionally, 123,760 residents have gone through the Monumental area (5.6% of people passing daily). These are residents of the neighbourhoods of Carmel, El Coll, Vallcarca-Penitents, La Salut and Can Baró, who have free access to the Park, 38.111 people have already acquired the free pass card, as well as 8,386 members of the several schools near the Park that have also free access. Gaudi + BCN has permitted 3.852 people to enter to the Park without having to buy a ticket, an average of 10.5 people per day.

During the year 2013-14, 65.104 children of 1,502 schools visited the monument area thanks to the "Park Guell and schools" program, which aims to guarantee and promote cultural visit to such an iconic Park. 22% of the schools were from Barcelona and 87.2% of the total schools chose a free tour, while the rest chose to visit the Park with accompaniment at reduced prices. The Park has already received 483 applications for this coming season, 32% of the total last year applications, which represents a significant increase.

Check the opening times and rates, along with more information about the park at www.parkguell.cat/en


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