AMAT Immobiliaris receives de VII Factor Humà Mercè Sala Award

B:SM is an associated company of the Factor Humà Foundation

The Catalan Company AMAT Immobiliaris, has won the VII Factor Humà Mercè Sala Award. The jury, made up of personalities who knew Mercè Sala and of previous winners of this award. AMAT has been rewarded for their success, innovation, pragmatism, global vision and human touch.

Factor Humà foundationalso recognises the company for pursuing excellence in a long-term vision, something infrequent in the sector, and for its commitment to people. The Factor Humà Mercè Sala Awars has become a reference has become a reference in the field of Human Resources in Catalonia and Spain. It has gathered 350 important personalities from the economic, political and social areas. The theme of this year ceremony was humor, optimism and resilience in the workplace.

Factor  Humà Foundation

The Human Factor Foundation was promoted by Merce Sala in 1997. It is an organization that aims to contribute to the improvement of the management of people in organizations, and it is the great observatory in the field of Human Resources in Catalonia. The Factor Humà Foundation is formed by a group of 53 major companies and partner organizations, 23 of which form the Company Board.

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