ApparkB has been consolidated in its first year of existence

An outreach campaign has started today with the aim of reaching as many people as possible, to make them easier to park their cars in Barcelona

The wide acceptance of the app is reflected with almost 650,000 tickets issued, an average of 4,000 tickets per day, and with the nearly 45,000 subscribers in the first year

ApparkB has been consolidated in its first year of existence and its use continues growing day by day: an average of 4.000 tickets is issued per day, a 6% of the total amount of the AREA tickets issued. With the aim of issue a 10% of the tickets, today has started an outreach campaign to reach as many people as possible to make them easier to park their cars in Barcelona.

More than 400 little flag banners with the image of apparkB will be settled in the city, as well as 100 OPIS (billboards) and information in LED screens. There have also been produced 50.000 leaflets that will be handed by AREA guards and the 1.000 parking meters at blue AREA will be covered with information panels and a QR code to download the app. There also shown to the users some other non municipals app with a similar working through the website www.areaverda.cat/operaration-with-a-mobile-phone/

One year of apparkB

The past 1st of September apparkB celebrated a year since its kick off. During this year, the app has become an useful tool for citizens and its wide acceptance is reflected with the almost 650.000 AREA tickets issued during this year, being July the month with more issued tickets with a total amount of 93.850. In addition, this data has to be analysed taking into account that most of the AREA is not operational during weekends and August. 

Tickets issued
12.106 26.773 35.550 42.124 51.327 57.789


66.288 71.417 84.757 80.334 93.850 14.322

Furthermore, there have been more than 80.000 downloads for iPhone and Android and there ara almost 45.000 registered users. With a score of 8.9, apparkB is one of the most rated apps in at www.apps4bcn.com, both in the Smart City category and in Traffic and Transport category. 

Funcionament de l’aplicació

In order to use this new and alternative method of payment, the user needs to download the application apparkB to the smartphone and sign in. The user can either register using the application or filling in the registration form at www.areaverda.cat.

At the parking place, the user just needs to indicate the vehicle’s number of plate and the colour of the area where the vehicle will be parked. The system locates the vehicle’s position using the mobile GPS and applies the appropriate tariff. When this is done, the user has to confirm it pressing the “Start” button, and when he wants to take the car again, he will have to press the “Stop” button in order to finish the operation. 

Once the operation is over, user’s information ins transmitted to the cloud and AREA guards have access to that information with their PDA, in order to check if the car is properly parked.  ApparkB assures users maximum guaranties. The process of counting time is certified by Catcert, meanwhile card payment is easy and safe to use and fulfil the standards PCI DSS.


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