AREA resident parking spaces changing to white

The repainting of Barcelona resident only parking spaces has started, and they are being changed from green to white, as well as adding the word ‘RESIDENTS’

On Monday the 30th, a process will be started to repaint all AREA Barcelona resident only parking spaces. From here on out, these spaces will have an exclusive design, will be white instead of green and will have the word ‘RESIDENTS’ inscribed on them, also in white. The change in colour does not involve any change to the usage rights of the spaces, which shall remain the same, and there will not be any change to the number of spaces available.

This new design for resident only parking spaces has been developed in response to different suggestions from citizens and AREA users. Its purpose is to make identifying the space more understandable, to therefore avoid confusion with green spaces, which do allow parking of outside vehicles (non-resident) during regulated hours.

The repainting is planned for these dates:

Gràcia old town    30/04 – 09/05
Sarrià old town    10/05
Camp de l’Arpa del Clot    11/05 – 17/05
Ciutat Vella    17/05 – 24/05
Barceloneta    25/05 – 06/06

Districts with resident only parking spaces

Resident only areas are spaces in which only neighbours can park their vehicles. At present, there are resident only spaces in the Ciutat Vella district, in the old towns of Gràcia and Sarrià, in Camp de l’Arpa and—more recently—those added along with the new design of El Carmel Zone 25.
Of these areas, resident only spaces in the neighbourhoods of Barceloneta and El Born (a district in Ciutat Vella) are exclusively for residents 24 hours a day, while the rest of the resident only spaces are from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm.


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