AreaDUM is deployed all over Barcelona

The new regulation of the loading bays was launched on March 16th

The current system and the new one will coexist until July 1st, from then on areaDUM will be mandatory when parking.

AreaDUM covers over 9.000 parking spaces, updates the loading bay management system 

The new regulation of the Urban Freight Distribution, which corresponds to the loading bays, has been deployed all over Barcelona after the successful pilot test done in Passeig de Gràcia. The aim of areaDUM is to update and upgrade this management system in Barcelona and to look for a major mobility in the city, while providing solutions through mobile technology.

The first of July, the time disc will cease to be valid, and areaDUM will be mandatory for everyone, but both systems will coexist until then. Besides of the mobile app, there is a SMS system for those who doesn’t have Smartphone to manage their areaDUM parking as well.


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