Autumn has come to the Tibidabo, with new features and proposals for the whole family

Marionettes are the stars every weekend in October with the 7th edition of the Puppet Show 

The 7th edition of the Tibidabo Puppet Show kicks off

Every weekend in October, visitors have got a plan with the fantastic world of marionettes at the Marionetarium at Tibidabo, which will host performances by four renowned companies that all use different puppet techniques and offer shows for families. 

The scheduling this year, thanks to the agreement signed with La Rueda Foundation (a non-profit whose mission is to favour social transformation through culture), is focused on education. 

This is why the La Rueda Foundation was in charge of coordinating the programming and the companies, continuing with the objectives shared with the park with regard to promoting the performing arts and art as educational tools in entertainment and the fight against social exclusion. 

There will also be the traditional hand puppet creation workshop by Tibidabo’s in-house company at the Marionetarium, Herta Frankel, entitled 'From the Egg to the Puppet’. 

Puppet Show programme: 

7 and 8 October – Tanaka Theatre: ENJOY YOUR MEAL!

Exercising and following a balanced diet is essential for being healthy. That is why chef Tomassa welcomes you into her kitchen to tell you two stories starring vegetables. 

Discover the magic of cooking and laugh while learning all the secrets of vegetables. After this show, eating cauliflower, carrots and broccoli will be fun. You’ll be licking your fingers! 

The two stories are: 

• “Miss Vegetable”: Do you want to be in the jury for a vegetable beauty contest? 

• “Vegetable Love Story”: Experience a love story as a Shakespearian tragicomedy, where living together inside the pot wins! 

12, 14 and 15 October –HERTA FRANKEL Marionetarium : “FROM THE EGG TO THE PUPPET”

A workshop to design and construct a hand puppet, for children from 6 to 12 years old.

The Herta Frankel Marionetarium, after 20 seasons at Tibidabo performing puppet shows for nearly two million viewers, leads this creative hands-on and symbolic course for boys and girls. 

During the workshop, company members work with and guide kids in this design project to build and create a hand puppet. The egg as the origin and structure will take kids through a transformation process, where the combination of simple facial features will decide on each puppet’s expression. The wide range of different shapes will determine their function, and the human pulse will combine skill with the natural occurrence.

21 and 22 October – Teia Moner – ICE STORIES “FROM THE ARCTIC TO ANTARCTICA”

A show for the little ones that explains the stories and customs of the inhabitants of the Arctic and Antarctica. The experience will encourage one and all to care for the environment to help stop the thawing occurring in these paradises.

The ‘xacrat’ is a bird that flies from the Arctic to Antarctica every year. With him, kids will visit the striking ice temples on Earth at the North Pole and South Pole. The Inuit will reveal all the colours of white and explain the secrets of the Northern Lights.

You will meet Didi, a white orca who wanted to have more colours, and Gege, a penguin who wanted to fly. Then you will attend the party of the Ice Queen. And you will befriend a polar bear who is always cold.

28 and 29 October – Animamundi: “THE FROG PRINCE”

A very unusual character lives in the pond next to the river. His name is Long-Leg Frog and, like all frogs, he spends the day catching flies, and diving into the pond. The Frog Prince is a light show performed with Chinese shadow puppetry. In the first part of the show, we explain the water cycle using drawings made of sand. In the second part of the show, we encourage boys and girls to discover the life inside a river and its surroundings.

At the end, you will discover, thanks to our star Long-Leg Frog, the importance of learning to value and accept yourself how you are. 

“The Munster Family”, the new autumn-fear show

Autumn blows into Tibidabo with a new closing show: “The Munster Family”, created by Viu el Teatro and based on the famous Munster family, with a frightful staging where fear and fun come together in this theatrical production for the whole family inspired by one of the most iconic series in television history. The four main characters will take you into this strange world full of visual effects and magic, all set to a soundtrack designed especially for the show.

A frightfully fun idea!

October, the month of healthy eating 

The park’s educational vision of healthy eating kicks off for another year with the establishment of October as Healthy Eating Month, and the workshops given by the Alicia Foundation, with whom Tibidabo has had a collaboration agreement since 2014. The purpose is to educate kids about the importance of having a balanced healthy diet via participative workshops taught by a cook and/or an expert. 

The aim of these courses—for family members of the Tibiclub—is to encourage healthy eating through cooking, which is why the theoretical-practical contents will handle topics related to this subject. 



Sign up and discover the secret of cooking great spaghetti and noodles… in a 1000 different ways.


Healthy dishes that are really fast to make, to share and to cook with the littlest family members. 

22 October – ENJOY YOUR MEAL!

Learn to use the reuse foods as much as possible to reduce food waste in your family.

29 October – NUTS:  A HANDFUL A DAY!

Workshop designed for kids so that they can learn about and enjoy the world of nuts. Where are they located on the food pyramid? How can you eat them and have fun? You’ll learn the answers here.


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