Barcelona City Council extends green AREA in Sant Marti: 287 spaces for residents-only

The AREA is operational from today on, once signposting tasks are finished

Today has started running the new extension of the green AREA at the district of Sant Marti, with 287 spaces for residents-only. Signposting tasks were made at the end of September and the firsts days of October. The extension of the 19th AREA zone is located between Gran Via Corts Catalanes (Bilbao - Selva de Mar) costat mar, C/Perú (Fluvià - Selva de Mar) Passatge Tèxtil (Espronceda - Bac de Roda) Marina (Almogàvers-Llull) Pallars and Pujades (Marina - Joan d’Austria). On the other han, 8th zone of AREA has been extended with 53 spaces between Joan d’Àustria, Llull, Almogàvers and Marina.

The implementation schedule for this new parking area started on September with the signposting and advertising tasks to begin with the painting of the parking spots on the surface. Then the vertical signposting was installed too. During the firsts days of October the new parking meters were set and the residents have also received their identification cards so they can use the new AREA.

The new green AREA works with the same schedule and payment than other AREA in the city, check them at www.areaverda.cat


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