Barcelona Nord Bus Station to save 40% of energy consumption due to geothermal technology

Geothermal energy is obtained making the most of the thermal stability of the subsoil, which become a seasonal heat store

With the new HVAC system's annual energy bill of the station will be reduced by 70,000 euros

Barcelona Nord Bus Station renewed its air conditioning system with geothermal technology, which allow the station to save 40% of the energy consumption, 70.000€ approximately. This new system make the most of the thermal stability of the subsoil: in summer the place is cooled by storing heat in the ground, and the accumulated heat is used in winter for heating. The geothermal air conditioning system cost 738.000€.

Geothermal air conditioning is renewable resource, free and available for everybody, which also allows reducing CO2 emissions and that has already improved users comfort at the station. The system consists of a geothermic heat pump and a vertical exchanger system with 28 wells of 133 meters deep, where a solution made of water (79%) and antifreeze (30%) circulates, acting as a heat transport fluid.

Users punctuate the season with a 7.5

The station has received an overall score of 7.5 during 2014, representing an improvement of 0.3 points from last year. It keeps well the level achieved during the last seven years, during which the score has increased almost 1 point.


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