Barcelona will reach 3,300 electric vehicle charging points with an investment of 12 million euros

The aim is to reach 3,300 charging points by 2024, 1,000 points activated and 2,300 pre-installed, which means a five-fold increase in the current network

This major strategic deployment will be flexible and scalable, in order to be able to respond quickly to future demand and, at the same time, adapt efficiently to the technology of a constantly evolving market

Endolla Barcelona is today the largest public network in Spain with 600 points spread throughout the city, both in B:SM car parks and on public roads

Barcelona de Serveis Municipals (B:SM), the city's main electric mobility operator, continues to promote the growth of the public network of Endolla Barcelona electric charging points, with a planned investment of 12M euros over the next three years. Endolla Barcelona is currently the largest network of charging points in Spain, with a total of 600 points distributed throughout the city, and with this investment it will reach 3,300 electric charging points by 2024. 1,000 of these points will be active and 2,300 will be pre-installed, ready to be activated quickly according to the evolution of demand and technology. This investment, which is expected to be fully or partially financed by European funds, represents an increase of 550% compared to the current network.

Barcelona, through B:SM, guarantees the transition towards the use of renewable energies in mobility and promotes energy self-sufficiency with maximum guarantees of quality, sustainability and accessibility for all city residents. This promotes innovation that "intelligently" anticipates and generates new electricity demand. Endolla Barcelona aims to act as a key lever to stimulate the electric vehicle market, and to show Barcelona's commitment to continue moving towards the future in favour of electro-mobility. In this way, it also contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions, noise reduction and respect for the environment through sustainable mobility.

A global investment of 17M euros

So far, 5M euros has already been invested in the development and growth of the Endolla Barcelona network, essential for the implementation of electric mobility in the city. The investment planned for the next three years, of a further 12M euros, will bring the total investment to 17M euros.

During the last quarter of 2021, 44 new points will be installed, the vast majority of which will be located in car parks in the B:SM network and the rest on public roads. The installation of these points will follow a strategy of efficient use of public space, focusing on planned recharging in car parks.

In 2022 the network will be prepared for the electrification of car parks in order to install recharging points and thus cover future demand. This preliminary work will enable a quicker and more agile response to users when it is necessary to install new charging points according to the different needs of electric vehicles (hybrids, 100% electric, motorbikes, cars or vans).

It is a flexible, efficient and scalable strategic approach to meet increasing demand. Moreover, it will be aligned with the parallel development of this industry and associated technology, which is constantly innovating.

A quality service covering all of Barcelona's neighbourhoods

Endolla Barcelona, unlike other electric charging infrastructures in other cities, provides homogeneous city-wide coverage in all the city's neighbourhoods. Barcelona is a compact and dense city where private electric recharging is difficult to install and where the private offering has not developed significantly.

Endolla Barcelona ensures standards of service quality, territorial coverage, interoperability of the different operators and an intelligent use of energy that are unprecedented in Spain, making the Catalan capital the leading city in Spain in terms of electro-mobility.

Currently, the Endolla Barcelona network offers an average of 5,500 monthly recharges, which represents a network occupancy rate of approximately 10%. In other words, the service is far from its saturation point. However, from January to September 2021, usage increased by 37% and demand is expected to increase in the coming years. Specifically, a total of 6,404 recharges were registered in September.

Endolla Barcelona has 6 points per km2 distributed throughout all neighbourhoods, with one charging point for every 11 electric vehicles, and currently offers 100% service availability in the case of fast charging points (public roads) and 97% in the case of slow charging points (car parks).

eCharge 4 Drivers, an innovative research project co-funded by the European Union

Barcelona, through the Endolla Barcelona network, is participating in the European eCharge 4 Drivers project, co-funded by the European Union as part of the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme. Europe needs great united and dynamic cities, such as Barcelona, to carry out research and innovation in this field, given that electric energy infrastructures are in constant development.

The project, promoted by the European Commission and the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems, ICCS, involves 10 cities, including Barcelona, Grenoble, Berlin, Luxembourg, Zellik, Brussels and Bari. Its main objectives are to improve the user experience by reducing recharging time, to deploy the infrastructure in a sustainable way and to develop smart recharging points that are easy to use.


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