Barcelona Zoo celebrates its 125th anniversary as part of the 2017 La Mercè festival

At midday on Sunday 24 September, there will be a prize-giving ceremony attended by Barcelona City Council’s Environment Councillor, Frederic Ximeno

On 24 September 1892, coinciding with La Mercè festival, Barcelona Zoo opened its doors to the public for the first time. And to celebrate this anniversary, the Zoo would like to invite everyone to join in some special events. 

With the help of Nature experts, the Zoo will be running a number of different workshops over the La Mercè weekend (Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 September). These will be included in the price of entry and are aimed at giving visitors the opportunity to learn more about native wild flora and fauna

Visitors will have the opportunity to take part in the following workshops and activities:

A world of feathers:  Bird ringing for scientific purposes.

Rivers of life:  Learn how to determine the quality of water by observing invertebrates that live in it.

Tracking trail:  A trail full of signs that help identify certain vertebrates.

Green lung:  Learn how to identify trees and plants from their leaves and fruit, and their location in the Zoo.

Medicine for conservation:  The practice of tele-injecting - a tool for caring for animals at the Zoo as well as in the wild.

Head under the water:  Look at different types of plankton using magnifying glasses and microscopes.

Fairy-tale geckos and frogs:  Learn about the amphibians and reptiles that live with us in our urban environment.

Night-time view:  Meet the insects that come out when it turns dark.

In putting together all the activities and workshops listed above, Barcelona Zoo was supported by the Catalan Institute of Ornithology, the Galanthus Association, the Corredor School of Nature, Badalona’s School of the Sea and the Spectacular Invertebrates II Exhibition.

Further information at: www.zoobarcelona.cat





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