Barcelona Zoo Foundation creates a Crowdfunding initiative

It will allocate individual small grants to different projects the Foundation is working on 

The donor will be able to choose between a general donation or a specific donation, and his or her name will be registered as collaborator of the Foundation 

Barcelona Zoo Foundation has created a crowdfunding initiative in order to raise funds for the projects the Foundation is working on. Through its webpage www.fundaciobarcelonazoo.com/compotsajudar, users will be able to get information on the projects and choose the economic amount they want to donate. Crowdfunding creates a better involvement between the donor and the project, since the donor can easily identify where the donation is intended.

Once the users get aware of the projects, they will be able to choose whether they want to make a generic donation, mainly intended to fund the PRIC, Snowflake and Antoni Jonch grants, or donate for a specific projects, whose realization is conditioned on obtaining optimal financing. Then, the website will direct the user to a form where the he or she will be asked about his or her personal data, so the Foundation will be able to send him or her a mail with the certificate of tax relief, and then to a payment gateway where they will be able to make the donation. 

If the donor has not chosen to remain anonymous, he or she will be registered as a contributor of the Barcelona Zoo foundation and will have recognition in every publication, paper or presentation with a direct relation with his or her donation. 


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