BSM is taking over the management of the Olympic Port, during these exceptional times

All administratives deadlines at the Olympic Port are extendes to 15 May

As an initial measure, the deadline originally set for 30 April 2020 has been extended, not just for the return of premises and moorings but also for signing contracts for continued use of the facilities

Ever since its delegation of powers on 2 February, Barcelona de Serveis Municipals has been carrying out coordination work to bring previous concessions to an end and embark on a new stage of public management today, 3 April 2020

Despite the exceptional circumstances arising from the Covid-19 pandemic, the municipal company Barcelona de Serveis Municipals (BSM) will be taking over the management of Barcelona’s Olympic Port, as planned, as of today, Friday, 3 April 2020.

This change-over in management, resulting from the termination of the previous concessions and the Catalan government’s agreements to delegate powers to Barcelona City Council, is taking place during extremely exceptional times, where the priority is for the city to focus all its efforts on the fight to halt the advance of the pandemic and its negative consequences.

The change-over process had been speeded up since 2 February, the date of transfer of powers agreed to between the Catalan government and Barcelona City Council, when work had already long been carried out to enable the start of the Olympic Port’s transformation and the implementation of the master plan. The strategic lines are: opening to the public; a new user model based on the blue economy; water sports; local restaurant services connected to the sea and sustainable public management.

Initial agreements and flexibility for the transition to public management in the midst of the state-of-alert measures

The initial efforts and actions have been focused on managing the transition at the Moll de Gregal wharf, resulting in an agreement with the Restaurateurs' Guild, to bring continuity to the restaurant activity in this area, and in a communication stating the end of granted uses of premises and moorings and the establishment of new relational and operational formulas with the various users, operators and players concerned. These have all been maintained and adapted over the last two weeks to minimise as much as possible the difficulties that the necessary measures, ordered by the authorities fighting against the health crisis, would cause users and management.

Information sessions continued from mid-February, so that users formerly granted use of premises and moorings could turn to a new assigned right-of-use model by paying a monthly fee.

Barcelona City Council also published the specifications of its invitation to tender for drawing up the project for a new access point to Moll de Mestral wharf. That project, which will facilitate the Port's integration with the city by connecting it to Av Litoral, signals the start of the wharf's transformation and the end of its night-time leisure premises.

All these actions, however, especially the tenders and the information sessions for uses of premises and moorings, have been slowed down, modified or suspended due to the State of Alert and the current situation of confinement imposed by Royal Decree 463/2020.

Hence BSM's decision to extend the deadline originally set for 30 April 2020 not just for the return of premises and moorings but also for signing contracts for continued use of the Olympic Port's facilities. That deadline has been extended to 15 May.

For up-to-date information on all the new developments arising from this exceptional situation and answers to any port-related query, please telephone us on 938 87 50 34 or send us an email to portolimpic@bsmsa.cat. As of today, you can also access our new www.portolimpic.barcelona website. You can also contact us through our Twitter and Instagram profiles.

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