Campaign to encourage the use of motorbikes in municipal car parks

During April a special promotion is underway at the car parks of Plaza Bonanova-Tramvia Blau, Torrent-Park Güell and Travessera de Dalt

The B:SM car park network has started up a promotional campaign to increase motorbike and scooter parking at municipal underground car parks. This will ensure that motorbike drivers have safe and supervised facilities where they can park. And in order to provide incentives for using motorbike and scooter reserved spaces in underground car parks, it has started up promotions and special rates for each area where a large density of surface motorbikes has been detected.

Starting on 16 April, citizens who want to park their scooters and motorbikes in the car parks at Plaza Bonanova-Tramvia Blau, Torrent-Park Güell and Travessera de Dalt will be free for short term parking and, after 30 April 2018, the short-term parking fee will be €0.40 per hour. Users who want to park their motorbikes and scooters in the Cotxeres car park in Sarrià-Ronda del Mig shall enjoy the same conditions, with free parking between 21 May and 4 June and, after that period, a rate of €0.40 per hour.

A new special rate called ‘Daily 9.30 Moto’ has also been implemented, which lets drivers park for nine and a half hours with unlimited entries and exits, and a 50% discount for short term parking in the whole B:SM car park network. The first month is free, and there is a minimum duration of two months.

More information at www.aparcamentbsm.cat.


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