Celebrating Gaudí at 166 – live!

The buildings and museums of Antoni Gaudí are to star in a historic broadcast via Facebook Live on 25 June to mark the great architect’s birth.

The 166th birthday of Antoni Gaudí is celebrated on 25 June, an event which gives the companies managing the architect’s works the opportunity to launch an unprecedented initiative, being their first joint online venture. In total, 13 sites, including the majority of his buildings and all the museums dedicated to the genius of Catalan modernism, have scheduled a series of consecutive Facebook Live broadcasts.

By means of the popular social network, which has 2.167 million active users, the various locations showcasing Gaudí’s work will broadcast uninterrupted live programmes, each of around thirty minutes. The schedule, now released for publishing, begins at 10.00 with the Gaudí Centre in Reus, where the architect was born, and ends with Barcelona’s Gaudí Experiència. Taking up the baton in between are the Nau Gaudí in Mataró (11.00), Casa Vicens (12.00), El Capricho, the villa in the town of Comillas in Cantabria (13.00), the Episcopal Palace of Astorga (13.30) and Casa Botines in the province of León (14.00); the afternoon’s tributes continue with the Torre Bellesguard (14.30), Park Güell (15.00), Casa Batlló (15.30), La Pedrera-Casa Milà (16.00), the Güell Crypt at Colonia Güell (16.30) and finally the two museums, the Gaudí Exhibition Center (17.00) and Gaudí Experiència (17.30), bringing to an end a packed day of digital activity, with an audio-visual story where the script is shaped around the architectural chronology of Antoni Gaudí – one of the greatest creators of all time.

The Gaudí broadcasts, in Catalan, Spanish or English, will have enormous viral potential thanks to more than 430,000 people who follow the various Facebook fan pages, as well as tens of thousands of followers on other social networks such as Twitter or Instagram, where the profiles of the different Gaudí works will spread the word prior to the digital event.

This initiative, coordinated by the communications and social media staff from the different companies taking part, will provide an overview, of extraordinary academic and symbolic value, of the work of one of the most universal architectural figures of all time and one of the country’s most important cultural brands, which will be broadcast on every continent.

During the eight hours of the broadcast, the viewer will discover the history and the facts, as well as the tourist and cultural interest provided by this collection of architectural sites, which includes five works with UNESCO World Heritage status and stretches from Catalonia to the towns of Comillas, Astorga and León in the north-west of Spain.


10.00 The Gaudí Centre in Reus (Facebook.com/reuspromocio)
11.00 Nau Gaudí (Facebook.com/bassatmataro)
12.00 Casa Vicens (Facebook.com/CasaVicens)
13.00 El Capricho (Facebook.com/elcaprichodegaudi)
13.30 Episcopal Palace of Astorga (Facebook.com/palaciodegaudi)
14.00 Casa Botines (Facebook.com/casabotines)
14.30 Torre Bellesguard (Facebook.com/Bellesguardgaudi)
15.00 Park Güell (Facebook.com/ParkGuellOficial)
15.30 Casa Batlló (Facebook.com/casabatllo)
16.00 Casa Milà (La Pedrera) (Facebook.com/lapedrera.barcelona)
16.30 The Güell Crypt at Colonia Güell (Facebook.com/criptagaudi)
17.00 The Gaudi Exhibition Center (Facebook.com/thegaudiexhibitioncenter)
17.30 Gaudi Experiència (Facebook.com/g.experiencia)


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