Christmas at the Barcelona Zoo

Experiences for the whole family and day camps fill the activities schedule for the Christmas season

The Barcelona Zoo has now published its Christmas Season Activities Programme, which will run through 7 January. These activities have been designed to create bonds of long-lasting respect and esteem with our natural environment through fun, values and new knowledge.
Highlights of holiday programming this year include new topics added to the open activities that the Zoo offers its visitors as part of the ticket price, related to subjects like animal wellbeing, recycling and conservation of the endangered Montseny brook newt.
Special promotions
To encourage visits to the Zoo during the holidays, the Zoo has a great deal for online tickets, with a 50% discount starting on 1 December and that will remain valid for 6 months. The promotion will run through 7 January. Also until this date, everyone who would like to become a member of the Zoo Club can do so without having to pay any registration fee, and then can visit the zoo as many times as they like for one whole year.

Open activities
Recycling workshop, the Journey of the Leaf, Animal Enrichments, The Montseny Brook Newt, Take Care of It, Little Farmers, Think Orange
Every weekend, holiday and school holiday days starting on 17/12 (included in the ticket price). Exact dates and times for all activities can be viewed on the Zoo website. No bookings are required although space is limited.

Zoo educators have prepared activities for the young—and not so young—to learn how to be farmers, to pick and care for pets and to learn about many of the Zoo animals, their habitats and their status in nature, via games, arts and crafts and employing the naturalist's tools. During these days, new experiences are being added that are related to the work done by the Zoo to assure the animals’ wellbeing through creating stimuli, known as ‘behavioural enrichment’, to recycling—what waste the Zoo produces and how it is managed—the flora at the Zoo and in our surroundings, and a special workshop on the Montseny brook newt preservation programme. This newt is the only vertebrate endemic to Catalonia and one of the most endangered amphibians in Europe, which now is the object of a European Union Life Project.

During school holidays, the imagination flies at the Zoo: one of the Zoo’s entertainers, a very funny and witty guy, will be telling boys and girls visiting the Zoo stories and tales starring the animals. No booking required (dates, times and locations on the Zoo website).

Spectacular Invertebrates 2 exhibition
The Zoo has extended this exhibition with live animals until 2 April, organised in collaboration with expert Sergi Romeu, to teach everyone about the world of invertebrate arthropods and how we can learn to respect them.  Via observation, direct contact and explanatory panels, the public will learn a slew of details and trivia on centipedes, spiders, lady birds, butterflies and many other spectacular animals. The exhibition is open on weekends and holidays and also has an interactive workshop available. Full information available on the Zoo website.

Zoo camps and days (Paid activities)
For Christmas, Holy Week, summer months and school holidays, boys and girls can come to the Zoo and spend educational and exciting holidays. The Zoo Camps are a unique option for educational fun that brings the world of animals to youth and kids, and foster respect for biodiversity and the environment.
Morning and morning-afternoon options. Information on prices and discounts for Zoo Club members on the Zoo website.

In upcoming weeks, the Zoo has the following Zoo Camps and Days:
27, 28 and 29 December: Christmas Holiday Camp
2, 3, 4 and 5 January: Three Wise Men Holiday Camp
To learn about how we work, where the animals come from and see them close up
Zoo Days:
21 December: Christmas is Starting
The days before Christmas are always very special, and at the Zoo we have a different and unforgettable suggestion for you. Under the motto ‘We work for nature’ and surrounded by the animals that the little ones love the most, boys and girls will discover the dangers that threaten their habitats and what we can do to help them. A revelatory experience to learn to be more responsible with our environment.


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