Easter Week at the Barcelona Zoo

Zoo visitors can enjoy a wide range of activities, all included in the ticket price, offering an entertaining and educational experience

The Barcelona Zoo has published its schedule of activities for Holy Week this year, which started on 26 March and will finish on Monday 2 April. Activities are included in the ticket price and aim to provide visitors an experience that is both entertaining and educational that they can use to create enduring bonds of respect and affection with our environment.

This year, taking advantage of Easter Week’s closeness to World Water Day, the Zoo is extending awareness-raising actions and centring its interactive workshops on this important topic, as well as forests, both essential for life. During these days, the Spring Camp the Zoo organises also selected the protection of nature closest to us as one of its core areas. In an ambience of play, the boys and girls learn—for example—about the importance of bees, and do ‘zoo gardening’, designed to favour the presence of butterflies and other pollenating insects in our surrounding areas.

You can read complete information on these activities at the Zoo website and on the Zoo App.

Information on other activities

‘The hidden treasures in ponds’

Through this Friday, with photographer and naturalist Albert Lleal you can learn about the biological diversity hidden in the ponds and pools around us, areas very close to us that are important to preserve. With the assistance of micro-aquariums and optical and photographic instruments, you can see directly and widely into a world of tiny organisms. 

‘Spectacular Invertebrates 2’ exhibition

The Zoo has extended this exhibition with live animals until 14 October, organised in collaboration with expert Sergi Romeu, to teach everyone about the world of invertebrate arthropods and how we can learn to respect them.  


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