Electric Bicing will be launched by the end of the present year

By the end of this year, the electric Bicing will be launched as a pilot program, which will complement the current Bicing with the aim of make long and ascendant rides easier

There will be 300 electric bikes and 45 stations, located inside several car parks in the city 

By the end of this year, the new electric Bicing, born as a complement to the current Bicing, will be launched with the aim of improving the efficiency of the current service, facilitating long and ascendant rides and promoting the use of electric bicycle, while it enhances Barcelona’s leadership in Smart Cities. It will be launched as a pilot program in order to prove its efficiency and acceptance. 

This pilot program will begin with 300 electric bicycles distributed in 45 stations (600 slots), 32 of each will be located in the B:SM car park network and 8 more in private car parks. The location of the station in car parks allows the system to use the 250 charge points already installed there, and avoid high costs on the construction of stations with an electric charge system outside, in the streets. Furthermore, as the car parks have vigilance, the effect of the vandalism will be minimized. There will also be 5 more stations on the surface, in strategic points of the city, to complete the station network.

The introduction of the electric Bicing will be done in two phases. The first will take place in December 2014, where the 50% of the stations will become operational with 150 bicycles. The second phase of implementation will be in January 2015, the other 50% of the stations will come into service and the remaining 150 bicycles will be operative as well. The validity of this pilot test will last until 31/03/2017 and the experience will continuously be rated during the duration of the pilot.

Service features

Electric bicycles system will be complementary to Bicing, so our users will be able to make use of the electric bikes by an additional annual subscription and pay per use. The annual subscription price will be 14 € and the user will have to pay for ride: 0.45€ the first half hour and 0.80€ for each half hour fraction with a maximum of 2 hours. The pay for ride adds value to the trips and will help to rationalize the use of the service; to promote rides of less than 30 minutes so the maximum number of users can enjoy the service.

Bicycles, which are manufactured locally, are designed to be comfortable and ergonomic, with anti-vandalism security characteristics. The bike will have a light aluminum alloy chassis, with seat suspension and anti puncture tires. Its maximum weight is 23 kg and can reach top speeds of 25 km/h. The lifetime of the high-quality lithium battery will be 20,000 km. The electric Bicing will be charged when anchored, and will take up to two hours to be fully charge.

This pilot program will be fully integrated into the Bicing system, which means that they will share the same schedule, the same computer system, customer care and the application Via Bicing. Two electric adapted vans will be responsible of replenishing and maintaining bicycles.

With the aim of offering high quality electric service, and considering that this is a pilot, the service will be limited to number of subscribers, between 7000 and 8000. If there is a higher demand, there is a possibility of rotation between subscribers, since the intention is to allow that the maximum number of users to enjoy the test. During its seven years of existence, Bicing has been strengthen as it has become a public transportation with nearly 100,000 subscribers, an average of 50,000 trips/day and a rotation between 6 and 8 uses/bike/day, one of the higher rotations in public bike-share systems worldwide.


Provisional list of stations

1 Plaça Navas c/ Jaume Fabra, 12
2 Plaça de les Arts c/ Padilla, 159
3 Urgell c/ Urgell, 14
4 Wellington - Zoo c/ Ramon Trias Fargas, 19 (c/ Villena)
5 Bilbao Llull c/ BILBAO, 24 S
6 Flos i Calcat c/Flos i Calcat, 2
7 Ferran Casablancas c/ Josep Balarí, 2
8 Tanatori les Corts c/ Menéndez Pelayo, 1 S
9 Estació Barcelona-Nord C/ Alí Bei, 54
10 Francesc Cambó Avda Francesc Cambó, 10
11 Tarradellas - Nicaragua Avda Josep Tarradellas, 46
12 Tarradellas - Sarrià Avda Josep Tarradellas, 139
13 Paral·lel c/ Abat Safont, 2
14 Illa Borbó Ramón Albó, 77s
15 Mitre - Putget Ronda del General Mitre, 203
16 Pg. Maragall Pg Maragall, 54
17 Sant Andreu Teatre c/ Monges, 2
18 Rambla Poblenou Rbla.Poblenou, 130 BIS
19 Cardenal Sentmenat-Vergós Cardenal Sentmenat, 8
20 Marquès de Mulhacén Marquès de Mulhacén, 51 B
21 Torrent de l´Olla C/Torrent de L´Olla, 221
22 Garcia Fària Paseo García Faria, 71
23 Gal·la Placídia Pl. Gal.la Placidia, 2
24 Marina Gràcia Trav de Gràcia, 330
25 Ona Glòries c/ Ciutat de Granada, 173-175
26 Moll de la Fusta Paseo Colón, 1
27 Barcelonetworka Centre C/ Escuder, 1
28 Marina Port c/ de la Marina, 19
29 La Boqueria C/ Floristes de la Rambla,  8 S
30 València-Calàbria c/ València  77
31 Plaça del Fòrum Pg Taulat / Pl Fòrum
32 Rambla Catalunya Gran Via - Ronda Universitat
33 Plaça Urquinaona Plaça Urquinaona
34 Gràcia I - Jardinetworks de Gràcia Passeig de Gràcia – Diagona
35 Hospital Clínic Pl. Ferrer i Cajigal
36 Parking Mariscal - Sagrera Av. Meridiana, 257
37 Parking Mesican - Besòs Gran Via Corts Catalanes, 1121
38 Parking Miete - 22@ c/ Badajoz, 58
39 Parking Viajeros (Sants) c/ Carreras i Candi, 65
40 Pl. Tetuan Pl. Tetuan
41 Pl. Sant Miquel Pl. Sant Miquel
42 Pg. Gràcia - Aragó Pg. Gràcia - Aragó
43 Pl. Espanya Pl. Espanya
44 Sagrada Família Marina – Mallorca
45  Per determinar 


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