Eloi Badia, new president of B:SM

During its last plenary session, the Municipal Council nominated Eloi Badia as the president of the B:SM Board of Directors

@eloibadia was born in Barcelona in 1983 and is an industrial engineer.  He is a councillor of the President’s Office and Water and Energy, councillor of the Gràcia district and vice-president of Environment for the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB).

His professional career has been focused on the management and universal access to water. Between 2007 and 2015, he ran the Engineers Without Borders water campaign, was a member of the Management Board for the Spanish Association of Public Supply and Sanitation Operators, the Advisory Committee of the Spanish Government’s Water and Sanitation Fund, and the Steering Committee for the UN-Habitat Global Water Operators Partnership Alliance.

He has also driven forward a change in model toward the management of consumer goods through the platform Aigua és Vida (Water is Life), the Network for Energy Sovereignty and the Alliance against Energy Poverty. He has participated in cooperation projects in Ecuador, Argentina, India, Uruguay and Paraguay to ensure universal access to water and energy and food sovereignty.

Eloi Badia expressed his strong advice that B:SM continues to promote public management in the areas of mobility, public spaces, culture, leisure and education in Barcelona, via the ethical, efficient and effective management of public resources, innovation and commitment to social development that is environmentally sustainable. The new president has stated that the main current challenges of B:SM will be handled with this spirit. They include the strategic plan for the Zoo, the improvements to Park Güell, the improvement of real time user information on mobility services, the promotion of electro-mobility and the implementation of the new Bicing.

The president is designated from among the B:SM Board members by the Plenary Council, in its functions as a general shareholders meeting. 

Further information: www.bsmsa.cat/transparencia/


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