Fourth "Corresponsable" in the “Transpirenaica” Social Solidarity walk

David Mas, of the Civic Officers, has walked 40.8 kilometres between the Puigmal ski resort and Beget

The “Corresponsables” (Jointly Responsible) team members are continuing to take part in the “Transpirenaica” (Trans-Pyrenees) Social Solidarity walk. This time it was David Mas, of the Civic Officers, who joined the route, completing the journey between the ski resort of Puigmal and Beget, a distance of 40.5 kilometres. David joined Elisabet Córdoba, of Zona Bus, Nadia El Mouali, of Park Güell, and Gabi López, of Administration and Accounts, who have already been taking part in the walk. The next “Corresponsable” team member to join will be David Alcodori, of the People department.

“Transpirenaica” Social Solidarity is a non-profit organisation, created in 2013 as an educational project with the aim of enabling better social integration for young people at risk of exclusion, encouraging their talents by using the mountains as a "classroom". B:SM is taking part in the event as part of the remit of its Social Action and Volunteering programme, which, this year, is focused on poverty and social exclusion.

You can follow each of the stages and the daily progress of our participants via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, using the hashtags #TSS18, #BSMsolidari i #BSM_TSS18.


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