Fundació Alícia presents a new gastronomic offer for the Tibidabo

The Airport restaurant has become a reference because of their fun and fast menus for families

Toni Massanés, general manager of Fundació Alicia, and Bruno Querol, operations director of Tibidabo, presented the new gastronomic offer that the Foundation has prepared for the Airport restaurant at the Park. Under the motto “eat healthy, eat fun”, both the Tibidabo and Fundació Alicia want to do an educational work to visitors, teaching the base to create a balanced menu, choosing one product from each food major group: vegetables, starchy and protein, with a piece of fruit for dessert.

That’s the second season of cooperation between Tibidabo and Alicia, and this year’s offer aims to be attractive, healthy and differentiated respect of other restaurants at the park, being affordable, and offering simple and fast recipes with few ingredients, maintaining quality.

The Fundació Alicia, created in 2004 by Ferran Adrià, is a center with a social vocation, dedicated to the technological innovation in the kitchen, to improve eating habits and food heritage assessment. Tibidabo Amusement Park has six major restaurants, being the Airport the one with more capacity, with a total of 348 seats.


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