Green AREA will be free during August

From the 1st of August to the 31st, green AREA, and the major part of blue area will be free of payment, but the regulation for the residents zone will remain as usual

AREA users have the chance of paying through their mobile phones using the app apparkB

From the 1st of august to the 31st, parking spots of green AREA will be free, as well as the majority of the spaces in blue AREA. On the other side, exclusive zones for residents will maintain its regulation for authorized resident. This measure is aimed at bringing the green AREA to the users, being more practical and comfortable, and at the same time the service is adapted to the needs of the city during August. 

Payment blue AREA is maintained within the areas marked in the map, with the regular tariffs. As seen in the map, a central zone has been demarcated inside the area of Comte d’Urgel, Diagonal, el Passeig Sant Joan, Passieg Colom y el Paral·lel; the Sagrada Família area and la Barceloneta, as well as other smaller zones in Doctor Andreu square, Joan XXIII street and a little area in Guinardó. Blue zones regulated for buses also maintain their regulation.

Pay with apparkB

Users of AREA can take advantage using apparkB, which allows the user to pay through the mobile phone, more easily and in a comfortable way, with no need of going to the parking meter and paying just for the real time of parking. The app also allows the user to renew the parking time and check easily any related information.

ApparkB has already issued more than a half million tickets, with an average of 4.000 tickets a day and has now more than 40.000 users and 70.000 downloads. The user can make the registration directly in the app and also through the webpage www.areaverda.cat. In the parking meters of the city there is information on how to use the app and there is also a QR Code to download it.

ApparkB is available for iPhone and Android

Street parking lot sections of blue AREA payment:

Ali Bei (Rda. Sant Pere - Pg. de Sant Joan)
Almirall Cervera
Aragó (Comte d’Urgell - Pg. de Sant Joan) (Diagonal – Padilla)
Aribau (Av. Diagonal - Rda. Sant Antoni)
Ausiàs Marc (Pl. Urquinaona - Pg. de Sant Joan)
Bailén (Av. Diagonal - Rda. Sant Pere)
Balmes (Av. Diagonal - Pelai)
Bruc (Av. Diagonal - Trafalgar)
Buenos Aires (Comte d’Urgell - Av. Diagonal)
Cartagena (Sant Antoni Mª Claret - Mas Casanovas)
Casanova (Av. Diagonal - Rda. Sant Antoni)
Casp (Pg. de Gracia - Pg. de Sant Joan)
Catalunya Pl.
Catalunya Rbla (Av. Diagonal - Pl. Catalunya)
Comte d’Urgell (Av. Diagonal - Rda. Sant Antoni).
Comte de Salvatierra
Consell de Cent (Urgell - Pg. de Sant Joan)
Consolat de Mar
Còrsega (Comte d’Urgell - Av. Diagonal) i (Nàpols - Padilla) costat mar.
Diputació (Comte d’Urgell - Pg. de Sant Joan)
Doctor Aiguader
Pl. Doctor Andreu
Doctor Salvador Cardenal
Enric Granados (Diagonal -  Diputació)
Floridablanca (Comte d’Urgell - Rda Sant Antoni)
Girona (Av. Diagonal - Trafalgar)
Gracia Pg. de (Gran Via - Consell de Cent)
Gran Via Corts Catalanes (Pg. Gracia - Pg. de Sant Joan)
Joan XXII, Av.
Lepant (Còrsega - Diagonal)
Litoral Av. (Marina - prolongació Rbla Poble Nou)
Lluís Companys Pg.
Londres (Comte d’Urgell - Av. Diagonal)
Mallorca  (Comte d’Urgell - Av. Diagonal) i (Nàpols - Padilla)
Marina (Còrsega - Diagonal)
Marítim de la Barceloneta Pg.
Méndez Nuñez
Mas Casanovas (Cartagena-Sant Quinti)
Muntaner (Av. Diagonal - Rda. Sant Antoni)
Nàpols (Còrsega – Diagonal)
Nou de la Rambla (Av. Drassanes - Rambles)
Padilla (Còrsega - Diagonal)
Paral·lel (Rda. Sant Pau - Abad Safont)
Paris (Comte d’Urgell - Av. Diagonal)
Pau Claris (Av. Diagonal – Pl. Urquinaona)
Picasso Pg.
Pla de Palau
Provença (Comte d’Urgell – Av. Diagonal) i (Nàpols – Padilla)
Ramon Trias Fargas (Av. Litoral - Pg. Marítim de la Barceloneta)
Roger de Llíria  (Av.Diagonal – Pl. Urquinaona)
Rosselló (Comte d’Urgell – Av. Diagonal) i ( Nàpols – Padilla)
Sabino de Arana
Sancho de Avila
Sant Antoni Rda.
Sant Joan Pg. de (Diagonal - Trafalgar) costat Llobregat
Sant Pau Rda.
Sant Pere Rda.
Sant Quinti (Sant Antoni Mª Claret - Mas Casanovas)
Sardenya (Còrsega - Diagonal)
Sepúlveda (Comte d’Urgell - Rda Sant Antoni)
Sicília  (Còrsega - Diagonal)
Sota muralla
Tamarit (Comte d’Urgell - Rda Sant Antoni)
Torres i Amat
Universitat Pl.
Universitat Rda.
Valencia (Comte d’Urgell - Pg. de Sant Joan) i (Nàpols - Padilla)
Via Augusta (Diagonal - Trav. de Gracia)
Villarroel (Diagonal - Rda. Sant Antoni)
Blue Zone for buses
Camèlies ( D’Albd Al-Kader - Tous)
Consell de Cent (Lepant - Padilla)
Diagonal (Lepant - Padilla)
Diputació (Marina - Lepant)
Lluís Companys Pg. (Pg. Pujades - Comerç)
Miramar carretera
Padilla (Ribes – Meridiana)
Paral·lel (Portal Santa Madrona - Josep Carner Pg.)
Ramon Trias Fargas (Av. Icària - Villena)
Sardenya (Ali Bei - Almogàvers)


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