Mosaics of Sound and Colour at Park Güell

Nursery school children from the district of Gràcia have made a visit to the gardens of Park Güell, stimulating their senses through music, art and nature. During these three visits, the objective was to use the heritage setting, which is well-known to the children and near their schools, as an active part of their learning process.

A group of musicians accompanied the children around the different parts of the Park, beginning in the “gruta dels carruatges” (carriage grotto), where they helped them awaken their senses through music. Continuing up the side of the dragon, the children enjoyed a dance show in the “Hipóstila” room, where they all joined in with the dancing. They also worked with the sense of smell, as they moved around the garden smelling the plants, and the sense of hearing, by listening to the birds. Lastly, in the picnic area, everyone took part in the dance of the bells.

“Trencadís de Sons i Colors” (Mosaics of Sound and Colour) is a project that revolves around the art and architecture of Park Güell in which the nursery schools of the district of Gràcia take part. The activity is part of a series of ventures aimed at giving the neighbourhood’s residents and schools the chance to find out more about the Park. In this way, Park Güell’s links with the neighbourhood become closer and it is more appreciated within its cultural surroundings.


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