New season starts at the Tibidabo Amusement Park

Starting on March 1st, this new season comes full of novelties, among them the Panoramic Wheel, the 10th anniversary of Tibiclub, and the educational project Tibinet.  

A competition will be hold, in conjunction with Unicef, to choose a mascot for the Park to represent values

Next Saturday, March 1st, the 2014 season will be starting at the Tibidabo Amusement Park. This new season comes full of novelties, among them the new Panoramic Wheel, a popular competition, in conjunction with Unicef, to choose a mascot for the Park, the 10th anniversary of Tibiclub and the educational project Tibinet. Also, during the season, special activities and a lot of surprises will be organized, and new presents will be presented, a part of the current presents in the transportation to the Park or in other places of entertainment.

The Wheel, with 16 cabins, one of them adapted for disabled people, has 20 metres of diameter and a capacity for 750 people per hour. After the dismantling of the old wheel, in 2010, and listening to the suggestions of the visitants, the decision of mounting a new wheel was rapidly taken. The new Panoramic Wheel will maintain its traditional location at 500m high over Barcelona, to strengthen its virtue of panoramic vision.

Among the season novelties it also has to be pointed out the popular competition that will be hold, in conjunction with Unicef, to choose a mascot for the Park, which will represent the values of both the Tibidabo and Unicef. This strengthens the partnership between Unicef and Tibidabo. Everyone is invited to take part of this competition and to present their own projects and also the competition will intend to mobilize design schools and recognised artists of Catalan culture. 

This year is the 10anniversary of Tibiclub, which allows families to enter to the Park as many times as the want in a year with a very affordable price, and this season new advantages will be presented to make Tibiclub even more attractive. Furthermore, working in an educational line, this July will begin Tibinet, an animation project which pretends to teach playfully the importance of recycling and to help families to incorporate recycling to their daily life.

New closing shows will also be inaugurated. The very first will be “Marabunta Kids: Party at Tibidabo”, a funny clown show in which improvisation and interaction with the public will be constant. After that, visitors will enjoy “Casting: an animal musical”, which will have the aim of pick up talented animals to be part of Noah’s Ark, “The Big Parade with Gerónimo Stilton”, Fantasy Planet, and the show “Illusions” by Pep Callao. There will be also two new 4D films projected at the Dididado: “The good, the bad and a horse” and the adaption of the classic adventure fiction “20.000 leagues under the sea”.

The Tibidabo Amusement Park closed the 2013 season with a total of 556.700 visitors, consolidating growth trend, with 7% more visitors than the previous year. Also increased, by 8%, the number of members of families Tibiclub to reach the 16,700 with which it closed last year.


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