New zone exclusively for El Carmel residents

Gran Vista and Mühlberg streets define the new AREA Zone 25

Starting on 16 April, street parking will be regulated on Gran Vista street so that neighbours will have parking priority. All residents owning a vehicle registered to their address can start to enjoy special resident parking in the new Zone 25.

Moreover, resident parking spaces are being reorganised on Mühlberg street and will no longer be part of Zone 23 and will instead become part of Zone 25.

Parking spaces in this new Zone 25 will be for the exclusive use of residents and will be identified with white paint and the word ‘RESIDENTS’ written on each space.

During upcoming days, neighbours in the new Zone 25 will be mailed a letter to their homes with information on their new resident zone, as well as how resident parking works. For the neighbours on Gran Vista street, as this street is newly added to AREA, they will also receive an identification card so they can take advantage of resident parking rights in this zone.

Obtaining resident parking permits

To obtain resident permits for parking, we recommend that residents use the free mobile app exclusively for residents: ONaparcar Residents. This app lets you obtain parking permits for between one day and—at most—until the end of the year. As the permit is digital, it can be verified securely in real time by traffic wardens’ devices and, thus, residents do not need to use parking metres or put any paper receipt or permit on their cars.

No parking metres will be installed in the new Zone 25, although residents who do want to use the metres to obtain their permits can use the ones available at any of the other resident parking zones.

For further information and to download the app:


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