Night concert series at Park Güell

The concerts have been organised along with the MUHBA, and they will be dedicated to Verdaguer, Espriu and Vinyoli, among others

Every Friday in July, Park Güell will be the venue of a night concert, organised along with the Museum of the History of Barcelona (MUHBA), seek to recover the Catalan literary heritage. The concerts, which will start at 10pm, in the gardens of Austria, inside the Park, will be dedicated to Catalan literary figures such as Verdaguer, Espriu and Vinyoli. Performers will sing, recite and set to music works of these writers where Barcelona is present. Admission is free, with limited seating, and the Guard House will open to the public from 9 pm.

The first concert will be set on July 4th, it is titled “Paraules i sons de Barcelona” and it is a literary itinerary over the 19th and 20th century in Barcelona by the actress Gemma Sangerman and the clarinettist Oriol Romaní. Second concert will be the 11th, Xavi Múrica and the Poesia Coral will be performing “A través de Vinyoli”. On July 18th, Alfons Encinas, with his guitar, will be in charge of the third concert, dedicated to Jacint Verdaguer, called “Sons de la Terra que el meu cor estima” and the show “El Minotaure i Teseu” will clode the concert series the 25th of July in which Dídac Rocher and Jordi Solans will pay a tribute to Salvador Espriu.


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