Over half of residents now manage parking via the ONaparcar residents app

The mobile app already has over 50,000 users

The ONaparcar residents mobile app, which lets residents registered with AREA manage parking for their vehicles, has managed to gain widespread use among citizens in its first six months of life. ONAparcar Residents already has over 50,000 users, which translates into over half of active residents (52%) now generating their parking permits through the app.

The possibility of personalising the number of days the parking permit is valid led to 56% of users obtaining permits for over 31 days, the majority through year end. Another 30% of permits were obtained for periods from one to seven days, while the remaining 14% had validity periods from eight to 31 days.

Easy, fast and flexible

ONAparcar Residents makes managing parking easier, faster and more flexible for users, as being able to have the app issue the permit means that they no longer have to look for a parking meter or get the permit via the website. Further, residents no longer have to go back to their cars to leave a printed permit, as AREA traffic wardens can verify parking validity by entering the number plate into the app.

The app also displays a map of the exact area in which each resident is authorised to park. Users can view a detailed history with all of the valid permits by number plate and can also pay parking tickets. The app offers users top usage guarantees, given that Catcert certifies the time counting process and payment with card is secure and done via the PCI DSS standard.

More information at www.areaverda.cat


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