Phase two starts for the restoration of Nature Squar

The normal entrances to Park Güell are not affected and—to prevent disturbances—the closing of the square is only partial, so that visitors can continue seeing Gaudí’s bench and city views

This week, phase two of the restoration works in Nature Square started, with the purpose of improving the rainwater drainage network and of waterproofing the ceiling of Hypostyle Hall. To be able to properly execute these works, access to Nature Square and to Hypostyle Hall itself has been partially restricted.

In order to prevent inconveniences as much as possible, Nature Square has been closed lengthwise, so that visitors can enter the right side of the square and continue to see Gaudí’s wavy bench and views over the city. However, the restoration works do allow visitors a view that cannot normally be seen. For this reason, we invite you to discover the top part of the vaults of Hypostyle Hall, which shall be covered once again after the works to seal the roof have been completed.

The park’s normal entrances are not affected, and a special walkway will be fitted out for people with reduced mobility.

Reuse of rainwater

Nature Square has an area of nearly 3000 m2 of coarse sand, a material that filters rainwater, collects it via a drainage system that conducts it to inside the columns of Hypostyle Hall and, finally, feeds into the cistern constructed under the hall. This allows the water to be reused to water the park. The works being done were necessary in order to repair the drainage system and prevent its deterioration.
These actions, which will be underway until year end, are framed within the Works Plan for Architectural and Natural Heritage and the Area Surrounding Park Güell, after being commissioned by the Government Committee of the Barcelona City Council.


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