Repair works have started at the Park Güell entrance on Baixada de La Glòria

The works will landscape a significant sized space located over the access stairs and are are planned to take, approximately, four months

Today the works start to repair the short-term stay area on Baixada de la Glòria, which will affect the entrance to Park Güell in this area. The works will landscape a significant sized space located over the access stairs from Baixada. The works, which are planned to take four months and cost approximately €450,000, are funded by the revenues from the tourist regulation of the Park’s Monument Hub.
The works will affect the entrance to the Park used by visitors arriving from the Vallcarca Metro stop. For this reason, we recommend that during this period arriving to the Park via this route should be avoided when possible. One alternative is to use the entrance near the Lesseps (L3) Metro stop, from which you can get to the Park by going up the escalators on Avinguda de Sant Josep de la Muntanya.
Creation of a new short stay area with views toward Putxet

The new space created will have a 320m2 scenic viewpoint facing Putxet, with a series of small esplanades. Access to the viewpoint will be done by building stairs and paths, respecting the restoring the remains of existing dry stone walls. Both the stairs and the paths will be constructed with vibrated brush-finished concrete prepared on site, although rock outcrops will be kept and employed as paving or steps.

The actions that will be executed during the works are:
•    Cleaning and adaptation of the surrounding area
•    Clearing and pruning of existing plant life
•    Accessibility and treatment of pavements
•    Safety of all routes
•    Lighting for the path and new viewpoint
•    Landscaping and scenic enhancement
•    Protection—via handrails—of points that must not be accessible due to safety reasons or to conserve the dry wall ruins
•    Selective cleaning of remains
•    Urban furniture


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