Residents with an AREA card in Barcelona can now use their mobile phone to pay for parking

More than 260,000 people will be able to use the new app

This September 2017, Barcelona de Serveis Municipals SA (B:SM) is launching a new app - ONaparcar residents - exclusively for residents living in the AREA zone. This app will allow residents with an AREA card to use their mobile phone to pay for surface parking in areas where they are authorised. Within the city of Barcelona anyone registered as living within the city’s AREA zone is entitled to park at preferential rates if they own or are the normal driver of a vehicle based at the address in Barcelona city and have previously applied for their AREA card.

Around 260,000 people are now eligible to benefit from this new app and of these around 80,000 are regular users of channels that have existed thus far: ie parking meters and the AREA website. From now on, users resident within the city’s AREA zone have a third way to pay that facilitates and simplifies management of their resident parking tickets: the ONaparcar residents app

This new tool aims to align services with the needs of residents living within the regulated zone and offer a more efficient and easier way of managing surface parking for these residents whilst helping to reduce city pollution caused by local traffic.

The launch of this new app is part of B:SM’s objective - through the AREA Operational Unit - to encourage better distribution of on-street parking spaces, make it easier for residents within areas that lack parking most, slow down traffic and congestion within the central area, and reduce the poor discipline that impacts the efficient use of the road network.

With the launch of this new app, Barcelona joins other major European cities that have invested in new technologies to improve the management of residents' parking.

For Barcelona, the distinguishing feature is that it has decided to develop its own app, aimed exclusively at residents within the AREA zone. This completes an initiative aimed at aligning services managed by B:SM’s AREA Operational Unit with the needs of citizens and users, which had started with the 2013 launch of the apparkB app to manage rotation parking within the blue and green areas, and the 2015 AreaDUM app to manage parking within the urban freight distribution areas.

The new ONaparcar residents app - easy, fast and flexible

ONaparcar residents is the new mobile app for managing residents’ parking within the AREA zone. 

A free app that’s faster, more convenient and means less waiting for users because they no longer need to go to a parking meter or online to get the appropriate resident’s ticket. They also won’t have to waste time looking for a parking meter or go back to their car to display their ticket, as AREA parking wardens will be able to check ticket validity by logging directly into the app and checking the registration number.

Flexibility and adapting to users’ requirements has been one of the highest priorities. Whereas up until now, residents could only buy tickets for one day, one week or one quarter, with the new application they can buy tickets tailored to their needs. The app has easy shortcuts for pre-set periods - such as the next 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, or up until the end of the year starting from the payment date. Equally, each use has the option of personalising the number of days the resident needs starting from the payment date. The app is fast and flexible to suit every need.

Range of advantages: Authorised zone, remember location and fine cancellation management

The new ONaparcar residents app shows the precise map where users are allowed to park, so that at all times they know where they are authorised to park at the preferential residents’ rate and therefore helping to avoid fines for improper parking. 

Other functions also found in the new app exclusively for residents is the history section where users can view details of all their receipts validated by registration number. They can also access their parking vouchers and even send them by e-mail. 

Other advantages of the ONaparcar residents app, include offering users the option of managing fine cancellations from within the app itself. 

The app is available for smartphones (iOS or Android operating system) and will coexist with the option of residents being able to purchase tickets at parking meters for those who don’t have a smartphone.

The payment system through ONaparcar residents offers users maximum guarantees of use, as Catcert certifies time accounting processes and card payment is safe and complies with the PCI DSS standard. 

For more information: barcelona.cat/appresidents 


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