Smou is growing and expanding its service portfolio to include parking in municipal car parks

The new service will enable smou users to pay for stays by minutes in B:SM car parks, and to enter and leave by means of a number plate reading system

It joins other smou services such as paying for regulated on-street parking, and information on Bicing bike-hire and recharging points for electric cars, among others

The smou app has attracted over 110,000 users in just 5 months and has now topped a million operations

Smou, Barcelona's personal mobility app which brings various mobility services together in one space, continues to grow. And from now on it will let you park by minutes at any of the more than 40 B:SM car parks using the new service, called agilPark. In other words, smou users will be able to enter and leave these car parks directly by means of a number plate reading system, paying for their stay with the app.

This way, once smou users have activated the new service, they will no longer have to take a paper ticket when they enter B:SM car parks because a number plate reader will recognise their car and the barrier will open automatically. Exactly the same will happen at the exit: when a user leaves the car park, the reader will recognise the number and the barrier will open. The stay in the car park will be paid for immediately and automatically through smou, without the user having to go and pay at a pay machine.
If a user takes a ticket when entering the car park but the car they are driving has not been set to enter by reading the number plate, they will still be able to scan the ticket with smou and pay using the app.

One app, a multitude of services

The service is the new addition to the other services already available on the app. For example, through the apparkB service, smou lets you pay for regulated on-street parking in Barcelona, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Sant Joan Despí and Sant Just Desvern without having to go to a parking meter, which saves you time and facilitates the process. What’s more, you only pay for the exact parking time. This provides added value for users, who can now move around these cities and park their cars using a single mobile app.
Users can also find information on the B:SM car parks, the Bicing bike-hire service, the Endolla Barcelona car recharging network, the Drivy and Ubeeqo car-sharing services, and the entire network of cycling lanes. All this information is completely customisable by means of a system of filters that users can enable or disable, depending on their needs.

This information is shown on the map on smou’s main screen by means of a system of superimposed layers, thus providing a clear, easy-to-understand display of nearby services at all times.

More than a million operations

Since smou was launched just five months ago, it has already attracted over 110,000 users who have carried out more than a million operations. Smou is a dynamic app that is continually growing and will go on developing and incorporating new services and functions, for example, the possibility of applying B:SM car park subscriber discounts.

This free app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

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