The Barcelona Zoo promotes a campaign to change the dictionary definition of ‘zoo’

Motto-hashtag for this action: Because our Zoo and what the dictionary says are not the same, #WeAreChangingTheDefinitionOfZoo

As part of the advertising campaign designed for 2017 under the motto-hashtag #WeAreChangingTheDefinitionOfZoo, the Barcelona Zoo is launching its proposal today to change the definition of ‘zoo’ to adapt it to the reality of the tasks done by modern zoos, which are based on education, research and conservation.

The regular definition of zoo is limited to describing them as places where exotic animals are exhibited to the public. All of us at the Barcelona Zoo believe this description is simply not enough to describe its purpose and work, as it leaves out essential issues such as participation in conservation projects and projects to reintroduce endangered species into their natural habitats, research related to biodiversity both at the Zoo and in habitats, and educational actions to foster respect for nature.

To help communicate the basic idea that the Zoo is much more than a viewing ground located in a park and that dictionaries should change their definitions, the initiative is supported by a video that will be shown starting today on the Zoo’s social networks, on its website and via radio spots.

This action is part of the Zoo’s advertising campaign for 2017 that, within the framework of celebrating the Zoo’s 125th anniversary, aims to bring the new zoo model presented by the Barcelona City Council in recent months to citizens. It is based on deepening the basic mainstays of the activities of a modern-day zoo—education, conservation and research—with the challenge of making the Barcelona Zoo a foremost ally for biodiversity. 

The communication campaign, which was created by the prestigious agency Saatchi&Saatchi, focuses on the motto ‘We are Zoo because we love and value animals and We are Logical because there is a project behind every animal’ (#WeAreZooWeAreLogical). 

Following the idea of this forceful statement, the campaign presents a series of specific and verifiable data expressed very logically and intelligibly, so that citizens understand the message that the Zoo has a mission to complete and a raison d’être.    

You can download the video here

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