The carioteers of the Olympic Stadium have been restored

They are replicas of the original sculptures, made by Pau Gargallo in the twenties

Barcelona City Council has now completed the process of restoration of the Olympic charioteers, replica of the original sculptures made by the sculptor Pablo Gargallo in the twenties. The replicas were made in 1990 under the artistic direction of Marta Polo and was placed crowning the facade of Lluis Companys Olympic Stadium when it was remodeled for the 1992 Olympic Games.

The Department of Artistic and Historical Architectural Heritage of the City Council has been responsible for overseeing the restoration work, which culminates today with the installation and replacement of the sculpture. The material with which these sculptures were made of polyester fiber was an iron skeleton inside. With the passage of time have been degraded to the point that due to its poor state we consider necessary to make a comprehensive restoration process.

Works began in December 2014. The charge of and coordinating all the work has been the company PENTA, which is currently the maintenance contract heritage of the City of Barcelona. The cost of the restoration has been € 27,000


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