The horse named Olympic starts to ride at Tibidabo

In homage to the 25th anniversary of the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, the horse Olympic will be at the Tibidabo Fun Fair until 16 July 

Olympic was the name given to the horse commemorating the 92 Barcelona Olympic Games, which is starting its tour through the city at the Tibidabo Fun Fair. This fibreglass sculpture can be visited until 16 July at the entrance to the park.

The horse was a creative idea by the student body at the Virolai Grimm School in Barcelona and represents the living image of the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, in the framework of celebrating its 25th anniversary. The horse sports the Olympic rings in the colours for the games, along with a mosaic inspired by Antoni Gaudí’s trencadís style works. The golden, silver and bronze colour of its mane and tail represent the Olympic Game medals.

All visitors who come to the Tibidabo Fun Fair can enter this new space free for everybody at the Interactive Water Fountains with light, sound and colour effects, as well as a walk to view the recently restored Airplane ride at the Park. A new feature this year is that holders of the tarjeta rosa (pensioners’ pink card) can enter for free. 

In the entertainment programming, two new rides have been launched: the Txu Txu Tren and the Mini Hurakan. Two new four-dimension films are also premiering-–which have enjoyed great success at the Park’s Dididado Cinema—and new opening and street shows like Tibicabaret, new characters like Boccato di Cardinale and the new performance on the adventures of Tibidabo mascots, TI, BI, DA and BO. 

In our charity solidarity area, one new feature that merits mention is that free entry has been granted to the Park since the end of the school year for groups and centres with special needs. 

Further, some dozen charity parties are planned, some of them a long standing tradition. In the last 10 years the Park has hosted over 70 charity solidarity days and has collaborated with some 550 beneficiary social organisations.




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