The smou app is growing rapidly as it celebrates its first anniversary

Services it offers include making payments for regulated parking in Barcelona and part of the Metropolitan Area, automatic entry to B:SM car parks and the Endolla Barcelona electricity charging network

Smou already has over 160,000 users, who have carried out over 3 million operations

The app has improved user experiences by enabling users to manage several aspects of their mobility through a single app

Smou, Barcelona's personal mobility app which concentrates several mobility services in one place, is celebrating its first anniversary this week. And it is doing so at a time of rapid growth, not just in the number of users but also in the level of services it offers people. The latest service, added in December last year, is Endolla Barcelona, the city’s electric charging network, which offers automatic entry to B:SM car parks and the possibility of paying for regulated parking in Barcelona and part of the Metropolitan Area.

In just one year, smou has already managed to attract more than 160,000 users, who have carried out over 3 million operations. What’s more, and further evidence of the app's acceptance by city residents, is the score it has achieved in the app-download markets, receiving 4.7 out of 5 on both Apple Store and Google Play, the Android apps market. So far smou has been downloaded almost 200,000 times.
It has therefore helped to improve user experiences, by enabling several aspects of personal mobility to be managed in easily and conveniently through smartphones. All the information shown is customisable through a system of filters that users can switch on or off according to their needs.

This is a dynamic app in constant growth, which will keep on developing and incorporating new services and functions. The next steps that will be taken include the possibility of using hourly Aparcaments B:SM vouchers and discounts, including more municipalities in the Metropolitan Area and incorporating Green Area payments for Barcelona’s residents.
One app, a multitude of services

Smou’s most frequently used service is apparkB. This lets you pay for regulated parking in Barcelona, Hospitalet de Llobregat, Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Sant Joan Despí, Sant Just Desvern and Badalona, sparing the need to pay from a parking meter and enabling you to pay for the exact time you park for, saving you time and speeding up the process. This provides added value for users, who can now travel in these areas and park their cars using a single app.
As for Barcelona, 30% of the Blue or Green Area tickets obtained are managed through smou, a figure constantly on the rise which shows the level of digitisation and sustainable habits of the city’s residents.
It also enables all users who have activated the agilPark service to gain automatic entry to B:SM car parks. Using a number plate reader, the car park barrier will open automatically and payment is made on your mobile phone when you leave.

The latest services incorporated into smou is Endolla Barcelona, the public electric charging network. As of December, electric-vehicle users have been able to download it directly through their mobile using a very simple procedure. All charging points, whether on the street or at Aparcaments B:SM, include a QR code, by means of which users can activate charging from their own telephone mobile.  In addition, the app also enables users to book 20 minutes with the points located on the street, as well as consult the locations and real-time availabilities of the network's more than 500 charging points.

Smou users can also find information on the Aparcaments B:SM car park network, Bicing and the Drivy and Ubeeqo car-sharing services, as well as the entire network of cycling lanes. All this information is shown on the map on smou’s main screen through a system of superimposed layers, thereby providing a clear, easy-to-understand display of nearby services at all times.


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