The Smou app is the protagonist at an Automobile Barcelona motor show focused on innovation and sustainable mobility

For the first time Automobile Barcelona showcases a sustainable mobility app

The app demonstrates a clear commitment to innovation and sustainable mobility in the city of Barcelona, through a model based on public-private collaboration

More than 450,000 users put their faith in Smou for planning their daily journeys within Barcelona and the Barcelona Metropolitan Area

Highlights include Endolla Barcelona, the electric vehicle charging network that is one of the biggest in Europe, and is spearheading Barcelona’s new mobility model

Smou, the Barcelona personal mobility app that combines several different services in just one space will be at Automobile Barcelona 2021, the motor show organised by the Fira de Barcelona. At this year’s edition, the spotlight will be on the commitment to electromobility and new models of personal and shared mobility.
Smou will be there with a 250 m2 stand located at the entrance to Hall 8 at the Montjuïc venue, where the key automobile brands based in Catalonia will also have stands, together with other organisations. This will be the first time that a mobility app is featured at the show, and Smou will bring with it the values of innovation and shared, sustainable mobility.
Smou’s commitment to Automobile Barcelona goes further since, as one of the event’s official sponsors, it will also be present at the points of access to the show itself, and on the central screen in the Plaça de l’Univers. Additionally, it will be facilitating visitor mobility by offering 30 minutes free parking in the Rius i Taulet-Fonts Monjuïc-Fira car park belonging to the B:SM network.  

A great opportunity to get to know the B:SM network

The Smou stand will be divided into three large spaces dedicated to raising awareness of the different mobility services and solutions proposed by the app.

On the one hand there will be a space dedicated exclusively to the Endolla Barcelona service, where visitors will find an electric charging point, and will be able to find out about the challenges facing what is the largest network of charging stations in Spain, and its future expansion.

And on the other, there will be a space dedicated to learning more about the move towards a new concept, B:SM parking mobility hubs that will offer integrated mobility solutions that go beyond parking itself.

One app, a multitude of services

Smou is an app that favours multimodality in mobility in a way that is simple, intuitive, sustainable and safe, and allows the planning and personalisation of journeys in a straightforward and organised way, without the need to download a series of different apps.

With regard to parking, with Smou you can see available spaces in facilities belonging to BSM, Saba and Mamsa, and automatic number plate recognition allows immediate access to these car parks. The app also includes management of on-street parking in Barcelona and in 10 other municipalities within the Barcelona Metropolitan Area: Badalona, Castelldefels, Esplugues de Llobregat, El Prat de Llobregat, l’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Montgat, Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Sant Joan Despí, Sant Just Desvern and most recently Sant Boi de Llobregat. Users can check the availability of 90,000 regulated on-street parking spaces with comfort and ease, allowing them to pay only for time actually used, and removing the need to find a parking meter.

Through Smou, users also have access to the 594 public charging stations within the Endolla Barcelona network for charging their electric vehicles directly via their smartphones. All charging points, whether on the street or at B:SM car parks, include a QR code, by means of which users can activate charging through their own mobile phones.  Furthermore, the app enables users to book a 20-minute slot at the points located on the street, as well as check the locations and real-time availability of the network’s more than 500 charging stations.

Smou is also the official app for Bicing. Users can pick up bicycles safely and easily via a QR code on their smartphones, reserve a 5-minute slot on a static bike, create routes or locate the nearest stations, to mention but a few of the possibilities.

Shared mobility is an integral part of the Smou app, and it extends to the rest of the city's vehicle-share operators. Users can find information, and check on the location of the almost 10,000 licensed bicisharing and motosharing vehicles in Barcelona. Carsharing vehicles are also available, with the recent incorporation of the operator Virtuo.

Smou, growing all the time

Smou is committed to integrating different mobility services in a single app, offering city residents a better experience thanks to ease of use, security and convenience. The app is constantly being improved, and just two years after its launch, the numbers both of services offered and of users is still growing.


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