The Zoo welcomes a male De Brazza’s monkey from the European Endangered Species Programme

The De Brazza’s monkey is a small African primate with a distinctive white bear

Lorenzo, a male De Brazza’s monkey (Cercopithecus neglectus) born at the Santillana del Mar Zoo in 2005 and who later lived at the Cordoba Zoo, from 2013 and until today, has paired up with Nicolette, a female born at the Lisbon Zoo in 2009 who has been at the Barcelona Zoo for almost four years now.

The previous male at the Zoo was sent to Cabarceno Natural Park because he did not get along very well with Nicolette. The transfer was done at the recommendation of the coordinator of the European Ex Situ Conservation Programme for this species and Zoo managers trust that this time the relationship will work out and that the new couple will have offspring in upcoming years.

The De Brazza’s monkey is a small African primate named after a French explorer, which sports a long white beard that is very visually striking, standing out from the dark fur on the rest of its body.   Their populations are shrinking as a consequence of abusive hunting and, above all, the deforestation of their natural environment.

Read more information about this species here.


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