Tibidabo Amusement Park beats its attendance records with 732,577 visitors in 2017

The figure exceeds the 2016 season by over 7000 people, thus beating all occupancy records

The 2017 season at the Tibidabo Amusement Park has surpassed all attendance records, according to the provisional annual balance sheet for the business. There were 732,577 visitors to the park on the 158 days it was open, which translates into an average of 4636 people per day.

This historic figure represents a 1% year-on-year increase, thus exceeding all past attendance records.  This growth and strengthening of great numbers from last year is primarily due to the fact that the park opened one hour earlier throughout the year, at 11.00 am, along with opening every day in August, which was started in 2015.

New rides and new shows in the 2017 season

During the season that just finished at the Tibidabo Amusement Park, there were new rides and shows designed especially for children, following the core working area of experiences, with these new rides: the Mini Hurricane and the new Choo-Choo Train that circles a huge garden.

In the entertainment programming, two new four-dimension films also premiered—which have enjoyed great success at the Park’s Dididado Cinema—and new closing and street shows, the Tibicabaret puppet show, new characters like Boccato di Cardinale and the new performance on the adventures of the Tibidabo mascots, TI, BI, DA and BO.

The park also launched a new website with more functions and a new modern image that will contribute to the interactivity with the public.
Free entrance for ‘rose card’ holders and free tickets for boys and girls from special needs summer schools

Tibidabo is a historic park that respects its past, values the present and works toward the future, which is why it bases its management on four strategic core areas: experiences, education, sustainability and solidarity.
A new feature this season is that holders of the tarjeta rosa (pensioners’ pink card) could enter for free.
In our charity solidarity area, one new feature this season that merits mention is that free entry to the Park was offered since the end of the school year for groups and centres with special needs.


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