Tibidabo asks citizens to contribute with graphic materials for a new documentary on its history

The campaign to select the best images and videos of visitors' experiences at the park will be open until 31 May

The Tibidabo Amusement Park is part of the memories of many citizens of Barcelona, and over the course of the years has become—for generation after generation—an indispensable leading player of its centenary history. For this reason, during May there will be a campaign to collect images, with the aim of having everybody who wants to collaborate with historic records—both in digital and in other earlier formats—participate in the history of Tibidabo. The park wants everyone to be able to be the star of the new audiovisual, which will be screened at the Sky Building attraction, after it is ready, and will offer visitors the possibility of participating in it and being able to 'make history'.

A campaign to collect the best historical images and videos of the experiences of park visitors has been started up, with the aim of selecting the best ones to make an audiovisual piece that will contain the best and most magical images of this iconic space in Barcelona.

If you would like to participate in this new documentary, you must:

1. Find images and memories of Tibidabo with family, friends or with your school mates that are testimony of a fun, laughing and exciting time experienced at the park Park managers will select the best images that are received and will give priority to those that are from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, given that this is the period in which Tibidabo has less graphic materials 

2. Go to the website www.documentaltibidabo.cat, enter your personal details and upload the images or videos. If you do not have digitised images or the video is in a format other than that which is demanded by the website, interested parties may connect with the Amusement Park by ringing 93 211 79 42, or by sending an email to tibidabo@tibidabo.cat.

Everyone who wants can submit their images or their videos until 31 May 2017, the date on which there should be enough audiovisual materials to edit and create the new audiovisual piece. It’s that easy to become one of the stars of the new documentary on the history of the Tibidabo Amusement Park.

At present, visitors to Tibidabo can watch the documentary ‘100 Years Fly By’, a piece with great sentimental and historical value, which is 12 minutes long and goes through the more than 100 years of the park, linking it to the history of Barcelona, and that the park will continue screening at the Sky Building.


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