Tibidabo gets ready for autumn with all new activities

This weekend, the eighth edition of the traditional Puppet Show kicks off and we celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Airplane ride

With the summer season over, the Tibidabo Amusement Park is now getting ready for autumn, with a range of new and different innovations and the hosting of activities that have become a tradition. This is true for the Puppet Show, now in its eighth edition and running from 15 September to 16 October, and the Great Heart Festival, now in its 24th consecutive year. In addition, this year the anniversary will be celebrated of one of our most iconic rides: the Tibidabo Airplane.

With the onset of September, the Park adapts to the school schedule and will open every weekend at 11 am. Closing time is 10 pm in September and 9 pm in October. The game ‘Emotions at the Heart of Tibidabo’, starring the mascots, will be held at the Sky Theatre between 4.30 and 6 pm. And everyone who comes to the Park can still take the new guided tours of the Automaton Museum, which are held at 5 and 7 pm, at which visitors can see and learn about the inner workings of all these machines, some dating back to the 19th century. The tour is included with your Park ticket, although you can also buy a ticket just to go to the tour. In the latter case, you have to book your museum tickets in advance, which cost €3.

Puppet Show

The Marionetarium will be the stage for the 8th Puppet Show, presenting a different puppet show every weekend from 15 September to 7 October. There are five shows a day: At 12, 1, 3, 4 and 5 pm.
On the 15th, the company Guilla Teatre launches the show with L’hort de Can Pitrocs (The Garden at Can Pitrocs), a story based on the blossoming of a friendship that endures over time. It tells of our right to belong to and respect a land and have a strong conviction of wanting to put down roots there and, in parallel, about the freedom and need to travel and see the immensity of the world. On Sunday the 16th, Cagafulles, el follet rondinaire (Cagafulles, the Grumbling Elf) will be showing, by the Cia Patawa, a story of an elf who—following family tradition—makes everyone leave who enters the forest by farting.

On the weekend of La Mercè Festival—22, 23 and 24 September—the Herta Frankel company will offer the workshop ‘De l’Ou a la Titella’ (From Egg to Puppet), where all boys and girls can let their imaginations soar and create their own puppets. The following weekend there will be two performances: on the 29th, Tròpic by Teia Moner, where several animals from the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn explain the different cultures in the countries they come from. And then on Sunday the 30th, the company Galiot will perform Palla, Fusta, Pedra (Straw, Wood, Stone) recounting the classic story of the Three Little Pigs.
The show closes on the 6th and 7th of October with El llop cantaire (The Singing Wolf) by Pengim Penjam, a show that tells the popular stories of the Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood from the perspective of the character of the wolf. The elements used to represent the work are fruits and vegetables, and the narration adds a lovely educational aspect on the importance of having healthy eating habits. This last puppet show is indeed included in the activities the Park organises for Healthy Eating Month, which is held in October.

The Airplane celebrates its 90th anniversary

On 23 September, the Tibidabo Airplane turns 90 years old and, to celebrate, the weekend of La Mercè Festival (22, 23 and 24 September), everybody who comes to the Park can see a special animation set in the Airplane, and will also receive a free gift of a commemorative bracelet for the ride. 

The Airplane was the last great creation by Doctor Salvador Andreu, one of the promoters of Tibidabo in 1899, and it is one of the Park’s most iconic rides and the third oldest. The Airplane is a reproduction of the first plane that flew between Barcelona and Madrid and, while it was modernised in 2017, its original image was maintained, as well as the original items inside of them, like the radiophone station from 1933.
10 years of educational activities with schools

The anniversary—10th in this case—will also be celebrated of the educational activities that the Park organises for schools and institutes, converting the rides into teaching tools to explain physics and technological concepts in a fun and interesting way. To celebrate this tenth anniversary, a new educational activity has been created called ‘Science, technology and environment at Tibidabo’, with curricular competences for students from preschool to higher secondary. The purpose of these activities is to complement the school curriculum, innovate with new resources and to see the Park as a macro-laboratory of experiences.

Further, a contest will be announced in which schools that have taken part in these educational activities over the course of the last 10 years will be invited to participate. Students will have to create a model for a ride, which must operate, and the winning projects will be exhibited throughout the year in the Automaton Museum.

OFF Piano Contest by the Maria Canals Association

Culture has always been present at Tibidabo, and on 28 September it will be highlighted via the presentation of the OFF Piano Contest by the Maria Canals Association, a project that promotes access to music and amateur practice by both young and old, in order to convey that playing and enjoying music are essential for everybody’s personal development.

The weekend of 29 and 30 September, a piano will be set up in the Plaza of Dreams, with the aim of comparing practicing the piano to a game or ride. The Maria Canals Porta Cua is the most successful initiative of the OFF Contest, which consists of placing 100 pianos on the street, in cultural facilities, universities, the metro and in specific local, national and state spaces.

October: healthy eating, Festival of the Heart and ‘Scary Feelings’

As is a total tradition now, in October 'Food Month’ will be celebrated, organised jointly with the Alicia Foundation. Different chefs from the foundation will give healthy food workshops exclusively for TibiClub members, where they will learn to enjoy great meals as a family, under the motto ‘Eat healthy, eat fun’.
Moreover, on 7 October the 24th edition of the Big Heart Festival will be celebrated, organised by the AACIC CorAvant Foundation, with the aim of raising awareness about the importance of knowing how our hearts work. The festival will have over 60 volunteers and there will be dance and acrobatic performances, drawing workshops, giants and much, much more. Tibidabo will make charity tickets available to visitors and part of the funds collected will be donated to the projects on which the foundation is working.

Later, on the weekend of 27 and 28 October, Tibidabo once again joins Open House BCN, an architectural festival during which over 150 leading spaces in the city can be visited. Tibidabo participates in the framework of the #OpenSketch18 activity, an illustration contest where those participating can create their sketches from one of the highest viewpoints with great views of the city.

To finish with Halloween at month-end, the Park is getting ready so you can experience ‘Scary Feelings’, a hair-raising and frightening show that will be held on weekends in November, in its second edition this year. The Tibidabo Amusement Park will fill up with zombies and many more surprising characters.


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