Tibidabo holds a charity festival in support of healthy eye care

The event is organised in partnership with the Ramon Martí i Bonet Foundation and aims to raise funds for the project "Vision For All in Catalonia"

Tomorrow, Saturday, Tibidabo Amusement Park is holding the third charity festival on behalf of the Ramon Martí i Bonet Foundation, which works to ensure the right to healthy eyesight for children and adults who are vulnerable or at risk of social exclusion. The aim of the festival is to publicise the work of the Foundation and raise funds for the solidarity project "Vision For All in Catalonia”. Park tickets will be sold at a reduced price and all visitors will receive sunglasses in aid of the charity.

A series of special events will take place throughout the day. In one of these activities, children can create their own musical instrument using recycled materials, but with the added difficulty of doing so with their eyes covered. The aim of this is for children to become aware and empathise with other children who suffer from visual impairment.
Tibidabo Magic

On Saturday and Sunday, visitors to the park can also enjoy the magic show, "Jo, Xicana" (I, Xicana), part of Tibidabo Magic, which is being held every weekend in July. In the show, the magician Anna Montserrat plays Xicana, a clown who tries to do magic but always gets it wrong, mixing tenderness and innocence with the themes of the show.

The show times on Saturday are 8.30 pm, and a second performance at 9.30 pm. On Sunday, the performances will be at 7.30 and 8.30 pm.

Summer opening hours

As usual, the Park is extending its opening hours for the summer and will be open from Wednesday to Sunday from 11.00 am. In July, the closing time will depend on the day of the week: Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 9.00 pm, Saturdays at 11.00 pm and Sundays at 10.00 pm. During August, for the first time, the Park will stay open every day until 11.00 pm. For the first two weeks in September, the summer opening hours will continue. You can check the opening hours by clicking here.


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