Tibidabo hosts the Big Heart Festival, supporting people with congenital heart defects

The 23rd edition of the Big Heart Festival is here and all profits from the festival will be allocated to projects that directly care for people with congenital heart defects 

On Saturday 30 September Tibidabo Amusement Park once again hosted The Big Heart Festival (La Gran Festa del Cor), a charity day to support minors born with heart conditions. This year was the twenty-third edition and it was dedicated to publicising the project of the Catalan Association for Congenital Heart Defects (AACIC per its Catalan acronym): ‘Know your heart, know your body’.

The festival started at 10.30 am, in the Panoramic Area, with entertainment by the Santa Coloma de Gramenet batukaires (street percussion band) and castellers (human tower builders), accompanying visitors to Dream Square, where the inaugural act took place at 11.15, centring on the AACIC project this year: ‘Know your heart, know your body’.

At 12.30 pm, the hearts were raised into the air in Dream Square. Everybody who was in the square had the chance to participate by holding the hearts up in the air to take a big photo of the celebration and celebrate the start of this charity day.

In the afternoon, Dream Square was the site of the dance performance Aladdin by the Mònica Escribà Dance School. 

Visitors could also participate in the photography competition on the social networks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The purpose was for all attendees to depict their experiences of the Big Festival by posting photos with the hashtag #granfestadelcor, competing for a double ticket for next year’s edition. The competition was entirely run and managed by AACIC CorAvant. 

Visitors also flocked to the photocall stage for the Big Heart Festival, where they could take photos to publish on the social networks of the AACIC CorAvant.

Throughout the day visitors also had the chance to get involved in a workshop for the whole family to create lovely fans, offered by the company Activijoc.

Finally, at 6.00 pm, at the Meeting Point in front of the Talaia ride, there was a charity draw of products donated by different organisations.

Once again, the event had the collaboration of some 150 volunteers who came to the park to help organise everything. 

Figures on congenital heart disease

Every week 14 children are born with congenital heart defects. A congenital heart defect is a malformation of the heart’s structure that starts at inception and requires medical supervision throughout life and, often, surgical treatment. Medical advances in recent years now let 90% of children born with this disease reach adulthood, with the mortality rate dropping to 5%. In Catalonia, 40,000 people currently live with congenital heart conditions.  


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