Tibidabo is changing for the autumn and offering more educational activities

The summer season has ended with over 180,000 visitors in August: an all-time record

More educational activities are being offered, such as the new Creatibi Robotics space, with a view to providing added value for visitors and consolidating education as one of the Park’s four strategic pillars

The traditional Puppet Show series marks the start of the autumn season this weekend with ‘Pipa, la titella meravella’

The funibus, a bus service departing from Plaça Kennedy, will run daily while the funicular is being renovated

Tibidabo Amusement Park has ended the summer season with record figures for August, during which a total of 184,817 visitors, an all-time high, came to the park. That means an average of 5,962 visitors a day have enjoyed all the Park has to offer in the summer, highlights of which were a very popular laser show, new street performances and the Castell de Contes or fairytale castle attraction.

Now that September is here, the Park will adapt to school hours and open every weekend from 11 am to 9 pm until late October. Next weekend, the funicular will make its final journey before closing to be renovated and give way to the funibus: a bus service departing from Plaça Kennedy that will run daily from 10.30 am while work is being done on the funicular. Apart from that, all the usual means of access will remain open.

As the summer comes to an end, Tibidabo Amusement Park is getting ready for the autumn, with a host of new additions alongside activities that have become a tradition, like the Puppet Show. More educational activities are being offered for a wider audience, with a view to providing added value for visitors and consolidating education as one of the Park’s four strategic pillars, along with solidarity, sustainability and experiences. This makes Tibidabo not only a fun place with rides and entertainment but also a space for learning, where children can broaden their knowledge.

Robots take centre stage

Various improvements will be made to the Creatibi by LEGO Education centre, with one especially important new addition: Creatibi Robotics, a new educational robotics space with activities involving various programmable robotics platforms. It will include 6 areas with different activities, each with its own unique robotics platform. The combination of different types of robot will make this space a versatile way to teach programming through play to all age groups.
This new robotics space will be fully linked to the Creatibi by Lego Education room because besides sharing the aim of making educational robotics accessible to children and families, the two spaces will put on joint, cross-over activities.

The Free Play area has also been improved and will take on a bigger role. Children can build things freely, but with a suggested theme, thus developing a host of skills: scientific thinking, programming, social development, creative exploration, language and communication. Meanwhile, the Maker space will introduce new content and ideas for children aged between 3 and 12, awakening an interest in design and engineering in them through construction models.

Puppet Show

The Marionetarium will play host to the ninth edition of the Puppet Show series, during which a puppet show by a different company will be performed every weekend from 14 September to 29 October. There will be 5 performances per day: at 12 pm, 1 pm, 3 pm, 4 pm and 5 pm.
On the first weekend, the Nestor Navarro company will perform ‘Pipa, la titella meravella’, a comedy for all the family in which Pipa, a traditional hand puppet, wants to spend her life playing and having fun but finds herself in a world of crazy characters who will take her on a series of surreal adventures.

Over the La Mercè festival, from 21 to 24 September, the ‘De l’ou a la titella’ workshop will take place, organised by the Marionetes Herta Frankel company. In the workshop, children will let their imagination run free and make their own puppet, thus developing their creativity and focusing on different aspects of making a puppet: shapes, colours, expression, materials and all the other ways in which they can use their imagination to make their creation unique.

Finally, the Núria Mestres company will perform ‘Mons Paral·lels’, a show involving sketches with 4 different characters, each a different kind of puppet, who will fill the Marionetarium with magic tricks, imagination and humour.

The funicular’s final journey

This weekend, the current funicular will make its final journey before closing to be transformed into the new Tibidabo funicular, the Cuca de Llum, which will be fully modernised and will fit into the Park as another attraction. Its renewed, customised design will improve user experience substantially. Interactive screens and electronic tablets will be installed for educational and entertainment purposes, allowing travellers to interact with the attraction.

The interior of the funicular will be freed up to increase the available surface area and transformed into an open-plan space to ensure the best possible visual permeability inside. Visitors will enjoy bigger and better panoramic views during the journey, thanks to the large windows.


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