Tibidabo is full of magic

 Starting from 30 June, the park will be full of magic for a month, with different shows performed by well-known magicians every weekend

Next weekend the traditional Tibidabo Magic comes to Tibidabo Amusement Park for the seventh time. This year the now traditional Tibidabo Magic will be held for the seventh consecutive year, in which, every weekend in July, visitors can enjoy different shows where magic is the star, performed by five well-known magicians.

On Saturday 30 June, visitors can enjoy the show "Plorarás ... de riure" (You’ll cry ... with laughter), a show by Nani the Magician mixing magic and humour, involving the audience and inviting them to join in with the magic tricks which include doves, magic handkerchiefs, playing cards and even fire. Meanwhile, on Sunday 1 July, magician Toni Cors will bring Andrew to life in the show "Andrew i la bossa màgica” (Andrew and the magic bag), featuring a magic bag that keeps him young even though he is 100 years old.
For the following few weekends, everyone who comes to the park can enjoy other shows full of magic. The show "Jo, Xicana" (I, Xicana) sees a clown trying to do magic but always getting it wrong, while the family show "Encara Belluga" (Still Moving) mixes magic, humour and improvisation. On the last magic weekend, visitors can enjoy "Potadecabra”, the best magic for children of all ages with very visual games performed with everyday items such as bags of crisps, sweets, plastic bottles, coloured marker pens or books.
Show dates:

30 June - Nani the Magician - Ploraràs ... de riure (You’ll cry ... with laughter)
1 July - Toni Cors - Andrew i la Bossa Màgica (Andrew and the Magic Bag)
7 and 8 July - Anna Montserrat - Jo, Xicana (I, Xicana)
14 and 15 July - Nani the Magician - Ploraràs ... de riure (You’ll cry ... with laughter)
21 and 22 July - Montserrat Escopinya - Encara Belluga (Still Moving)
28 and 29 July - Felix Brunet – Potadecabra

Summer opening hours

As usual, the Park is extending its opening hours for the summer and will be open from Wednesday to Sunday from 11.00 am. In July, the closing time will depend on the day of the week: Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 9.00 pm, Saturdays at 11.00 pm and Sundays at 10.00 pm. During August, for the first time, the Park will stay open every day until 11.00 pm. For the first two weeks in September, the summer opening hours will continue. You can check the opening hours by clicking here.


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