Transpirenaica, an 800 km solidarity walk, has begun

Five people from B:SM’s “Corresponsables” (Jointly Responsible) team are taking part, as part of the company’s Social Action and Volunteering remit.

The “Transpirenaica” (Trans-Pyrenees) Social Solidarity walk is underway, a journey of more than 800 kilometres from Cap d'Higuer in the Basque Country to Cap de Creus, with 300 young people at risk of social exclusion sharing the experience with more than 200 professionals from various organisations. B:SM is taking part in the event as part of the remit of its Social Action and Volunteering programme, which, this year, is focused on poverty and social exclusion.

The “Corresponsables” team members will join the journey at different stages. The first will be Gabriel Lopez (Administration and Accounts), then later, Elisabet Cordoba (ZonaBus), Nadia El Mouali (Park Güell), David Mas (Civic Officers) and David Alcodori (People) will join the route.

“Transpirenaica” Social Solidarity is a non-profit organisation, created in 2013 as an educational project with the aim of enabling better social integration for young people at risk of exclusion, encouraging their talents by using the mountains as a "classroom". This year’s event, TSS18 has been dedicated to Human Rights.

You can follow each of the stages and the daily progress of our participants via these Social Networks:

Facebook: Transpirenaica Social Solidaria
Twitter: @TranspiSS #TSS18
Instagram: @transpirenaicasocialsolidaria
Our colleagues will share their experiences using the hashtags #BSMsolidari and #BSM_TSS18


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