VIP Corporate, a new experience Palau Sant Jordi

The new VIP pass, aimed at business, will permit their customers to enjoy the concerts with various exclusive benefits 

The new product at Palau Sant Jordi is now available. VIP Corporate offers business tickets packages for their customers to live high level VIP experiences, making unforgettable anb unique experiences out of every concert at Palau Sant Jordi: their customers will be our guests.

This VIP Corporate pass offers the possibility to be in an emblematic place like Palau Sant Jordi and enjoy a concert with various exclusive benefits, such as entering without making any queues, a seat in the preferential zone, a reserved parking spot and exclusive access to the Club Gaudí and hour and a half before the concert, in which they will enjoy a luxurious catering with open bar.  

All of these privileges are complemented with sensations made exclusively for each show, and tametically adapted gifts depending on the artist who performs the show. The package costs 200 to 310 euros, depending on the concert.

VIP Corporate experience was available for the first time at Kylie Minogue’s concert the 14th of October, and will be available again the next 23th of December for Joaquin Sabina’s show, priced at 220€ per person. The reservation of the VIP Corporate pass will be available at the new website of Palau Sant Jordi, as well as the scheduled concerts and much more information.


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